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I'm Beckii. I create videos about print magazines and topics I'm passionate about.

I post on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. I live in London, United Kingdom, but I'm from the Isle of Man. 

I've been making videos since 2007. At the age of 13, I went viral in Japan, which lead to a career as an idol in my early teens, and a documentary on the BBC.

In 2017, I spoke in the House of Lords to give evidence for an inquiry into influencer marketing. I also was made NHK World's Kawaii Leader, helping to promote Japanese fashion worldwide.

I've been featured in Forbes, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian, The Observer, Daily MailBBC News, Marie Claire and Dolly Magazine. I've walked in Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show, and have attended Cannes Film Festival to promote Japanese film.

In 2019, I co-founded an Influencer Marketing company called Pepper Studio.



After 12 years of creating YouTube videos, I decided to completely re-launch my channel. I spent my teens on YouTube and grew a following of over 126,000. But as I’ve grown up, my interests and hobbies have changed, and I wanted a fresh start, now as an adult woman.

You can now find me at Ginger on YouTube, a space where I share videos about culture, print magazines, and topics I care deeply about. You can watch my latest video above.


How were women’s magazines 75 years ago?

Women Magazine has been a mainstay of the British newsstand since 1937. I found an issue from 1944 - one year before the end of the war. Join me as I explore the transition of print advertisements from hand-drawn to photographic. Read an agony aunt column from the forties, and see one of the first ever chain letters.

What even are ‘groats’? Something lost to time?


I’m a victim of fetish mining. You are too.

Having created content online for over a decade, and spending all of my formative years very much locked into the digital, I feel that my experience growing up has been somewhat different to the norm. After getting sick of constant requests to share photographs of my feet, or answer seemingly harmless questions about my body, I decided to dig into the harmful intent behind those who ask these questions. Take a peek into my inbox, and see the internet from my perspective.

Fetish Mining, a term I coined in 2019, is used to describe strangers on the internet asking you for unsuspecting and seemingly harmless information - ‘what’s your belly button like’, ‘can you join my charity campaign and share photos of your feet’ - when in fact their intention is to mine you for content that will satisfy their fetish.

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As much as I try to have a glowing social media presence which is glamorous and on-point at all times, the unfortunate brain-to-tweet funnel that Twitter has facilitated means that too much of my personality is now out there and i am no longer cool. please enjoy !!!!!!