Win A Shopping Trip With Me In London! Beckii x New Look x Fanbytes

Wow! Check out that title!

In what I believe to be the most exciting thing that's ever come to my channel, I have a very exciting opportunity for you all!

I've teamed up with the UK High Street brand New Look, and fan-creator experience geniuses FanBytes, to bring to you the chance to win a shopping trip; with me, in London's flagship New Look store, with £120 spending money! 

We'll then take all of our goodies and film a haul together for my channel. I can't wait to spend the day with you!

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself in your favourite winter outfit, and upload it to the widget on FanBytes.

The winner for the shopping trip will be randomly selected. The winner for the shopping trip will have to reside in England, and travel to and from London will be provided. 


However, there are ways that you can fight for prizes, and that's with the Community Prizes!

We're able to give away three Blanket Wraps from New Look to the top three most-voted entries on the campaign on FanBytes!

What are you waiting for?

STARTS: Tuesday 18 November

ENDS: Saturday 6 December

Winners will be announced within 3 days.

Grand Winner:

  • Travel to and from London within England
  • Shopping with Beckii
  • £120 spending money in New Look
  • Make a haul video with Beckii for her YouTube channel

Community Prize Winner:

  • Top 1, 2, and 3 places as chosen by vote will win 1 Blanket Wrap from New Look of their choosing

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I'll try and get back to you!

Age limit: If you are not 18, all photo entries must be entered with the permission of a guardian.

Shopping trip limit: 16+, unless a guardian comes with you (must pay for their own travel).

I hope you're as excited as me :)

Head over to the campaign page now →

foot gloves and the internet ♤ shelfies


I took some snaps in my new Shelfies gear! They have a new product out, called Foot Gloves. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

grass foot gloves ♤

these are the long variant, so they are mid-calf length

cereal foot gloves ♠

these are she short variant, so they finish just above the ankle. goes beautifully with my shelfies cereal sweater! 

my new shelfies sweater ♥ i am absolutely obsessed! i love the 90's-inspired print.  it's so cosy, especially for winter!

Please also check it out: I'm an ambassador for shelfies! There's a little interview with me and some other ambassadors on their homepage! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Shelfies ♥ 5 Rad Garments Review

You may remember my review I did for Shelfies a while back. Link here

I loved working with them so much, and wearing their clothes! I think their items are super cool but also so comfortable!

They really liked my previous blogpost, and I'm now an official Shelfies Ambassador! ♥ That means that every month, I'll receive some items that I'll share with you as much as I can! 

Click through to read the rest of my Q&A!

Click through to read the rest of my Q&A!

This post will also give you the chance to win your own Shelfies! So keep reading! But first...

① The Bubbles Sweater

This is one of Shelfies' gorgeous sweaters! They specialise in prints, rather than cuts. So every Shelfies tee, sweater, or tank will have the same garment shape, as it's the exciting print that you're buying! 


As you can see, the sweater is much more vibrant in real life compared to the stock photo, which is something I love!

Outfit Rundown🍃

  • Rei Ayanami Style \\ Wig
  • Primark \\ Flower Crown
  • Tattoo Choker \\ eBay
  • Shelfies \\ Sweater
  • New Look \\ Jeans
  • Sole Affair \\ Boots

And the cat is mine 🐾 he's Ralph!

② The Cereal Sweater

Next up is another sweater! This time, it's this fruity loop design :) I got the Bubbles Sweater in a size Small, but I actually got the Cereal Sweater in size XS! I was interested to see the difference in how they fit! 




You can really see the size difference! On me, the S is great for a slouchy, statement look. The XS is good for layering and blending into a coordinate. 


Outfit Rundown🍃

  • Paris KIDS (Harajuku) \\ Usamimi
  • Lockshop \\ Wig
  • Shelfies \\ Sweater
  • Offbrand \\ Harem Pants
  • Offbrand \\ Night Litas

③ Relaxed Florals Tee

Now, here's a T-Shirt! Shelfies have a really fun range of T-Shirts, including these pretty designs. They don't just do pop-culture related clothing! 

As you can see, I have rolled up my T-Shirt to make it look cropped! I have a constant battle with styling regular-cut T-shirts. So I think that this is a really cute way to wear them!



Outfit Rundown🍃

  • Spreepicky \\ Wig
  • Shelfies \\ Tee
  • Offbrand \\ Skirt
  • LIZ LISA \\ Shoes

④ Floral Clouds Tee

And now, the Floral Clouds tee! This again is a really beautiful design, with nothing overt to it, just a really bright basic garment :)


Again, I wore this tee rolled up to a crop! I think it looked super cute over a dress too, and I think the transparency of the sleeves really adds to the coordinate as a whole.



Outfit Rundown🍃

  • Thrift Store \\ Hat
  • Shelfies \\ T-Shirt
  • Choies \\ Dress
  • SoleAffair \\ Shoes

⑤ Early Morning Earrings

Something I haven't tried before, Shelfies jewellery! These are the early morning earrings, perfect for those who need something to get the day started and get out of bed! They're really cute and the asymmetrical design is very fun and unique.


⑤ Strawberry Poptart Necklace

This necklace is super cute! I actually had never eaten a Poptart until I went to America in June! But they're such a cultural icon that it's hard to believe! They're yummy, and this necklace means that you can bring one with you wherever you go!



I hope you enjoyed this blogpost ♥ I had fun coordinating all of the outfits! Do check out Shelfies for more really cool apparel, and keep posted for more fashion posts!

GIVEAWAY ❀ Relaxed Florals Tee

Shelfies accidentally sent me one extra T-Shirt of the same design! So I have one brand new Relaxed Florals Tee going spare, and I thought what better than to hold a giveaway! 

You are entering for 1 x Size Small Relaxed Florals Tee. I will ship to you free of charge to anywhere in the world. Ends 20/08/2014.