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Link some photos, tell me your colours, any references or inspiration points! Do you have a favourite store etc? Nothing is required, these are just starter points :)
Please specify what country, or covert your sizes to UK sizes & inches!
Please specify the currency!
Please upload them to imgur, google drive, etc, and leave the links here, or send them to [email protected] with your name and session number as the title!
Just let me know if there's anything I should take into consideration, (ie vegan materials, certain fabrics make you cringe, no crop tops etc), anything you want to let me know, anything at all! ♥

There is never any obligation to buy any of the clothing and I'll tell you if I'm using an affiliate link for any of the stores I send you. I probably am not, I'm not limiting my searches to places I'm affiliated with, don't worry! You can also use the clothes I send you as a template, and just take the outfit photo into your local town and try and find something in the same shape/style! It's your reference guide to do with as you please ♥

I will aim to style you one complete outfit, however feel free to ask for maybe something different: perhaps you don't want an outfit but instead want some cool jacket recommendations, or some comfy yet elegant shoe ideas - don't feel limited! I'm here to spend some time with you one-on-one about style. You could even send me some photos of pieces in your wardrobe already and ask for how to make an outfit around it! It's endless! ♥ 

I will aim to get back to you within 1 month depending on my work-load and how many people are in the queue before you.