Future Fantasy is an original song written in Japanese by Chelsea Chavis and Matthew Pablo, arranged, produced and mastered by Sparkles* and recorded by Beckii.


Beckii Cruel: Independent Idol follows a 17 year old Beckii making her first single in Japanese in 3 years. It is directed by Adam Spence and was shot on the Isle of Man in January 2013.

Future Fantasy

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Composition: Matthew Pablo and Chelsea Chavis
Lyrics: Chelsea Chavis
Arrangement: Sparkles*
Producer: Sparkles*
Mastering: Sparkles*

Camera Operator: George Lawrence and Jacqui Flint
Director of Photography: Ben Cornish and Beckii Cruel
Post Production: Beckii Cruel and Sparkles*



Camera Operator: George Lawrence
Director of Photography: Ben Cornish
Sound: Nick Desmond and Nikki Bradley
Japanese Translation: Jeannette Moroto
Graphics: Alan Matthewman
Production Manager: Danielle Baker
Editor: Jamie Whitton
With Thanks To: Hyper Japan, Factory Lane Studios, Matthew Pablo, Chelsea Chavis, Daniel John, Beckii Flint, Derek Flint, Jacqui Flint

Produced and Directed by Adam Spence