You Beauty Discovery | February Box

At the beginning of the year, I signed up to my first ever beauty box- You Beauty Discovery!


I'm not sponsored or affiliated with YBD.

This box stood out to me primarily for its price. At only £6.95/month including shipping, it's much cheaper than any I've seen in a long time.

Another new feature I hadn't seen before is that you actually get to choose the products you receive!

Each month they have a shortlist of 6-8 products, and you can select two products for your box. Additionally, they'll send you a product that everybody will receive, and a snack.

So in total, you receive 3 beauty products and a snack! 


Here is my box! It arrived in the first week of February, and I selected my items on the 1st of February.


The first item that I chose from the shortlist was this eyeliner. It's the Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Smokey Quartz from the brand TEEZ Trend Cosmetics. There were two items available to select from TEEZ, the eyeliner and the mascara. I chose the eyeliner. I can't locate the RRP of this product.

The colour wasn't specified, so I wasn't sure which colour I would receive. 


The packaging is very funky!

This eyeliner claims to dry in 45 seconds, soft and easy application, and it also has a handy sharpener.


The end of the liner removes to reveal the sharpener, and there's a rubber smudger to help create smokey looks.

There's not really much need for a sharpener, however, as it uses a twist-up mechanism to reveal more product.


The product is very smooth to apply. The colour is mainly black, with some flecks of silver throughout.

With Flash

With Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash


And the smudge test! There was a thick amount of product towards the top of the line, and so it smudged more. Towards the bottom of the line there is very little smudging, and I think this would be more realistic for a regular application. 


Overall, I'm really happy with this product! I'm excited to see what TEEZ will bring out next. TEEZ is a cruelty free brand. 


My second choice product was this Lip Glaze from Stila. The RRP is $22.00, so it's already covered the price of the box almost twice! I received the colour Kaleidoscope. 


The product applies through a twist brush applicator. You twist the bottom and product is dispensed into the brush at the top. It has a fairly thick consistency, and a high shine and gloss. On my natural lips it looks less coral coloured and more baby-pink. The name Kaleidoscope is fitting for the lovely iridescence created by the glitter!

I'm really happy with this product and I'd been looking for a new lipgloss for a while.


The product which everybody received in their boxes was this: Charles Worthington's Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment. I absolutely adore this product and I'm super happy I was able to try it out!

It also includes a £2 off voucher!

It also includes a £2 off voucher!

I didn't take any photographs while using the product as I didn't feel they were necessary. However, this is definitely a treatment product. It is a thick gel-like substance, and you are advised to apply it from the roots to the tip. I was cautious about doing this, as usually for conditioners I try and avoid the roots, however I did as I was told and didn't notice any greasiness or residue from using it there.


The next day I noticed a really big increase in my shine! I also felt that it did make my hair feel a little thicker, however I don't think I saw any lasting results from just one wash.

It smells absolutely gorgeous and I'm definitely going to purchase the full-sized version of this product. 

My natural hair is very fine and anything to increase volume is a godsend. 

The RRP for a full-sized product is £9.99, and with my £2 off coupon, it will only be £7.99. 


The final product which was sent to everybody was this snack! It's Beyond Dark's Moments of Pleasure 70% Dark Chocolate Drops with a hint of orange. I thought these were really tasty! I like dark chocolate, so I really enjoyed them. I think it's a cute idea to have a little snack to eat while you're trying out your beauty products!


I hope you enjoyed this review. I'll try to do a round-up of my YBD boxes every month! Let me know what you think 🌙