Review | You Beauty Discovery Box April

This month's You Beauty Discovery box was filled with goodies focussed around natural ingredients.

Enclosed are two products which I chose, one which was sent to everybody, and one snack which was sent to everybody! There's also their coupon-filled magazine. 


The first choice product which I settled on was this: It's a Clayspray Face Mask, in Glow- Red Clay and Cacao. I had never encountered this brand before, but the product size was fairly large at 30ML, and this exact product normally costs £15!

Nourishing power of antioxidant rich cacao aids cell regeneration and neutralises the damaging effect of free radicals.

For glowing, healthy, and radiant looking skin 

 The Glow Red Clay Masque instantly adds a boost of radiance to dull skin. The mineral rich formula includes iron to activate circulation, silica to boost collagen, alongside nourishing cacao, which is rich in anti-oxidants to rejuvenate. The restoring clay exfoliates and restores the skin’s surface revealing a glowing and healthy looking complexion.


This product is for Normal/Combination Skin. My skin is normal/dry, but I found it fine to use. As you can see. the product is dispensed via the nozzle at the top. And as you can see from my 'swatch', it comes out plentifully! It has a lovely earthy-chocolatey aroma. When I used it, I found it was actually exfoliating as I applied; there are tiny abrasive particles in the formula. 

I left it to dry, and washed it off in the bath. This product turned the water completely brown, and left a lot of silt in the tub after it drained, so you really need to wash this off in the sink!

 Ingredients: Clay, (argilla), water (aqua), cocoa (theobroma cacao) seed powder, sodium polyacrylate, sodium hexametaphoshate, citric acid.

 The ingredients list is comfortingly small, with only 7 ingredients! 

I liked this product. I didn't see any life changing results from using it, but I like using clay masks, and it's super useful to be able to have a wet clay mask available without continually buying sachets.


The second choice product I selected was the only makeup product available this month! It was the INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow in Gun Metal. It's a cute little pot of this beautiful silver-grey loose shadow. This product has an RRP of £11, so it's another high-end and fullsize product in my box!





I prefer to apply this product wet. When applying dry, it's likely you'll get fallout. With a wet brush, you can use it as a beautiful eyeliner accent. It's really pigmented, and has excellent wear. 


The product which everybody received this month a sachet from The Organic Pharmacy's Antioxidant range. I received the face cream. The product was like a very smooth and fairly thick yoghurt, it had a lovely fragrance, and didn't have any adverse affect for my skin. Unfortunately I can't rate a skincare product from just one use, which is all a sachet allows for, so I don't have a verdict for you about this product. 

The final thing in my box was this fruity 9bar! It was a mixed seed energy bar topped with chocolate. I will be truly honest- I ate only 1/3 of this. I wasn't a big fan! I don't really like seeds or organic bars in general, but if you like them, I'm sure you will like this bar! 

I did some maths for this month's box, as I think I got a huge deal for this month's box.

£15 + £11 + 50p (estimate) + £1.50 (estimate) = £28!

minus £6.95, includes delivery, and my box had me in a product profit of £21.05. 

I've enjoyed all the boxes I've received from YBD so far, and I look forward to May's box! - I'm not sponsored, I buy these myself!