What I Got For Christmas ♥

My Christmas this year was crazy! Crazy awesome ♥ I had a wonderful time, and even though it's nearly February, I wanted to tell you about it now that I have a chance.

So, in December, the weeks running up to Christmas were spent in Bristol. I wanted to go and hang out there, because I get very sad in wintertime and it really helped to be able to see the sun (yes it was super sunny for some reason), be distracted, and see the lovely Christmas market!

On the 20th of December I had arranged to fly home, however due to extremely adverse weather conditions my flight was cancelled just as I was leaving the door! It was scheduled to leave at 11:40AM, so we made our way to the airport the next morning in good time. We were then told that the flight was actually going to leave at 3PM, so we had to spend most of the day sitting in the tiny Gloucester airport waiting around.

The flight went smoothly until we reached the coast of the island- for about 10 minutes we sat through the worst turbulence of my life (and I fly a lot!). We couldn't see a thing out of the windows, and I was convinced our flight would either turn back or crash- it was really scary! Eventually we touched down sideways on the river (I mean runway), and I did a great job of not being sick.

Even though my travel was a little crazy, the actual Christmas itself was lovely, and I got so many nice things I'd love to share with you!


I got this lovely Jack Wills faux-fur lined hoodie! I love Jack Wills hoodies and I wear them so much, but the problem is that they wear out over time. I've already worn out two, so I'm happy to have this third, and especially in such a nice raspberry colour!

I also got this gorgeous Suzywan Deluxe Roland Keytar Necklace! 


I received this lovely scarf, and a woollen skirt! It's really wintery, and it's from Miss Selfridge.


This warm sweater is from New Look- I've now got maybe 4 sweaters from them in this winter alone. They're really comfortable, warm, and well designed! I really recommend them if you've been having trouble finding simple sweaters!


I always get a selection box of chocolate every year ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ would you believe there is still some left! I also got this cute fuchsia cropped top too! 


I got this set of three body butters from Sanctuary Spa! And of course some chocolate coins ♥


This beautiful black skirt is the opposite colour to the white one I already own! I got so much wear out of the white one, so I'm even more excited to have a black one too! It's almost a replica of one I saw in the store Honeybunch in Shibuya 109 ♥


A soft minty green nail polish, a sakura Pandora charm, three Montague Jeunesse face masks, and a christmas tree biscuit set! 


My favourite face wash: Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel


Nail Polish Set from e.l.f. cosmetics, a wall organiser and a 2014 diary. I get the hint, I'm not so organised (〃∇〃)


Beautiful darling microphone ;__; this is the Blue Microphones 'Spark' model. It's the first professional microphone I've ever owned! I'm so excited to use it in my videos, so look forward to super HQ voiceovers! From the name, you'll never guess who this was a gift from ( ・ิω・ิ)


Gorgeous sweets from my dear Isobel! Thank you so much! And a selection of CDs from Ohira-san! Thank you so much! ♥


Keekihime's (now former) unit TONE JEWEL's CD Blooming Song! All 3 versions! 


Really cute massive jiji backpack, coinpurse, and bluray Kiki's Delivery Service :) Thank you so much!


So, that was my Merry Christmas! How was yours? After Christmas, I went to Leeds for a few days with Sparkles*, and then we went back down to Bristol for the charity livestream with S*, Martyn, and Strippin where we raised over $15,000! Finally of 2013, we went to our friends Martyn and Kaeyi's New Years Eve party. It was such a lovely end to a life changing year, and I can't wait for what this year will bring!