Welcome to beckii.co.uk version 2.0. !

My previous homepage!

♥ 15/05/2011-27/03/2013 ♥

Right now it's March 2013, and therefore It's been nearly two years since launching the first version of my site. I felt like it was more than due for a re-design, and so this time, instead of employing a web designer, I took the task upon myself! Everything on this page has been designed by me, and I'm super happy with how it's all turned out.

So what's new?

I've compiled my bio, discography, media appearances and live event information into one comprehensive page, About.

If you head over to the Shop, you can see my next project in progress! I'm going to be selling handmade apparel designed by myself, and it's also a place I can sell merchandise, and pieces from my wardrobe that I don't wear any more. It's run under Storenvy, an American company, so all the prices are in dollars, however I'll put the price in GBP in the description of every item so don't worry!

Under the Music tab you can find a video link to every song I've released! They're in reverse chronological order, so I advise you listen to the tracks on the top. Hopefully in 2013 I can add a lot more songs to that list! ☆ 

I have a brand new Photos page! In there you can find all my previous gallery photos on my website, plus a bunch of brand new never-seen photos from my time in Japan that I have decided to upload at last!

Finally there is the Advertising tab! I really enjoy doing promotional work, and so I decided I would make a backlog of some promo I have done, and make myself available to anybody wishing to work with me! 


What can we expect now?

I'm going to be blogging a lot more, and I hope to upload galleries more frequently. I'm going to be making headway on production for my store, and also continue to upload weekly on my Youtube Channel.  I'm really excited for the future, and I hope you can come with me on all my new endeavours!