Étude House | Play 101 Pencils + Shadow Brush

This month I received another box from the beautiful Étude House! ♥


Their cosmetics have fast become one of my favourite brands, for price, and especially for quality. This month's box has only proven that even more. 

Play 101 Pencils

I received Étude House's Play 101 pencils. These are a multi-purpose makeup pencil, and they're available in a multitude of colours. I received colours 1, 6, 8, 11, 43, and 44. 

I also received this information pack! You can read through it yourself, but in short, it's information about the pencils, plus a tutorial from superstar Korean beauty blogger Pony! I received all the pencils needed to recreate her chic, bad-girl look. 

44, 43, 11, 8, 6, 1

The pencils themselves are twist-up, and the bottom of the pencil is removable to reveal a small sharpener to create a sharp point if needed!

They're really versatile, and can be used not only as eyeliners, but eyeshadow, lip colour, highlight, blush, concealer, and more. They're also waterproof and smudgeproof. 

Flash → No Flash → Daylight

1 • 6 • 8 • 11 • 43 • 44

You can see I received a few different finishes. The available finishes are Creamy, Matte, Glossy, Shimmering, and Glitter. 

1: Creamy

6: Shimmering

8: Matte

11: Creamy

43: Glitter

44: Glitter

These pencils DO NOT SMUDGE. At all. I went out for a walk after swatching the pencils, and they were still on my arm. I rubbed at them, they did not move, I rubbed really really hard too! I am so incredibly impressed, no other pencil for me has performed so well. They eventually came off with makeup remover. 




I tried out Pony's makeup tutorial. I don't think I suit heavy makeup unfortunately! But it was fun to try! I was especially impressed with the multi-usage function, and the effect as a lip colour in particular. The pencils are very pigmented!

I was also impressed with the pencil I used as a concealer- I had never thought to use a pencil as such before! It's great for touchups and the no-smudge factor was absolutely incredible, the staying power is great for all of these pencils. 


Shadow Brush 201

I also received the Étude House Shadow Brush 201. I didn't actually know that EH even made brushes, so it was a great surprise! 


It's a simple brush with a white handle and a silver ferrule. The brand name is located at the end of the handle. The brushes are shaped into a flat semicircle and they are very sturdy. 


I used it to smudge my black pencil. It easily buffed the sharp line into a smokey shadow. Bear in mind that due to the no-smudge, these pencils 'set' very quickly, meaning you must smudge as soon as you apply. There's about a 10 second window.


The brush does not splay at all, it is very sturdy and keeps it shape well, giving you lots of control! I'm pressing down as hard as I can in these photos, it's really strong! 

Water Bottle


I also received this cute bottle! It's a small water bottle decorated with Etude House designs! 

I think this is almost too pretty to use, so I'll set it on my dresser as a cute decoration!