Étude House Pink Bird 🐣 May Box | Review

Hi Sweets! 

A few blogposts ago you may have seen my haul of a few Asian cosmetic brands. They included TonyMoly, Etude House, and Lioele. Feel free to check it out to see what I got! →

So, Etude House saw my post, and they got in touch! This month I've been elected to review their select blogger beauty box. I'm a "Pink Bird", spreading the gorgeousness of Etude House throughout the world! (〃∇〃)


I received a pretty pink box in the mail. Inside, the products were all bubble-wrapped and a letter was enclosed with information about the products.


The box was branded with this sweet ribbon design! 


This product is Etude House's Magic Any Cushion. I recieved mine in the shade "Magic Mint". It's also available in Magic Peach and Magic Pink. Each shade has a different skin-perfecting property: 

As you can see, Magic Mint claims to hide your blemishes and minimise redness into toned up smooth skin. 

Included in the compact is a mirror, an air cushion puff, and the product, which is behind a permanent plastic shield to avoid unnecessary contact and saturation between the cushion and the product. 


The product is saturated in a sponge, which you press the cushion against to pick up the product. I expected the product to be very thick, but I was very surprised when I used it! The product is fluid, light, and hydrating. It feels like a gentle and cool serum, as opposed to a makeup product.

It's a mineral makeup, so the ingredients are better for your skin, and it also contains SPF 34, meaning that on sunny days, even if you don't want to wear makeup, you can use this product to even your skin-tone and protect your skin! 


Here is a simple view of my hand with the product applied, yet unblended. It's great for creating a perfectly even canvas for your foundation!


The next product I received was this cute Mini Macaron Bag. It's a hard shell circular case, with a long wrist-strap. 


The interior features a soft striped pattern. 


I realised it was the perfect size to contain my Any Cushion! 

I finally received these three polishes! They're from the Etude House Play Polish range in Sugar Powder nails! I received colours 192, 193, 194. 


This polish has fast become one of my all time favourites. And it's something I would never have thought to choose until it was sent to me. As you can see, when applied, a textured sugar coat is created. It's due to tiny particles inside the polish!

This has a few great effects.

1: It completely dried within 10 seconds.

2: The above example is only one coat. See how pigmented it is!!

These effects mean that this is a great longwear polish. I've worn my single-coated nails with no topcoat for over a week with absolutely zero chipping!


You can see the Mint (194) is completely opaque, whereas 192 and 193 both have iridescent particles to make them shine! 

I hope you enjoyed this review ♥ Etude House doesn't currently have an official UK stockist, so you will have to import your goods. I have used f21plus on eBay previously, but I think there are many more stores who will also import it for you!