Sweet Ginger Emporium ♥ Dress-Up Doll

About two months ago I received a gorgeous big bag full of crafty bits and bobs from a local store, located in my hometown of Ramsey on the Isle of Man!


Their name is

Sweet Ginger Emporium

and I am super excited to at last begin our collaboration! 

The Sweet Ginger Emporium is a craft and haberdashery store, where if you love to make things yourself, you can surely find everything you need! Their speciality is unique fabrics, and there's always a huge array of interesting and one-of-a-kind prints that you can peruse ♥

You can see my complete haul above. I picked up a whole host of different bits and bobs, and I've got some great ideas in mind for them all!


My first Sweet Ginger crafty blogpost will show you around one of the items that caught my eye the most!

It's the Sweet Ginger Dress Up Doll!


Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with dress-up dolls. They had fallen off my radar completely until I was browsing the Sweet Ginger Webstore to choose my items, and then a sudden rush of memories came back to me! 

I used to have dozens of books of dress up dolls and would spend hours meticulously cutting around all of the little tabs. I even tried to draw my own, but mine were never as good as the bought versions. 

This dress up doll is of the store's mascot, Sweet Ginger herself! She's a gorgeous red-headed pin up girl. The dress up doll set is a collaboration between Sweet Ginger Emporium and a local graphic artist by the name of Jade Boylan! You can check out more of Jade's work here: http://www.jadeboylan.com

I absolutely love the local charm that Sweet Ginger has, and the fact that they have collaborated with another Manx person really makes me proud. It's rare to find so much character and passion in the current days of big corporations, so seeing such high quality produced by a local brand is really charming and friendly. 


After a good half-hour of cutting, I managed to cut out all of the clothes and the model herself (and her stand!). I didn't have a craft knife, just good old scissors, so I didn't feel comfortable attempting to cut out the windows between her legs in the corset and stockings outfit! The cardboard she is printed on is of really high quality, and the print is really bright and sharp. 

Super cute and simple polka-dotted dress ♥ I love the fashion inspiration that she gives me! I love 50's aesthetic in women's clothing, so it's really nice to have a physical source I can refer to! I'm holding her up because the dress is quite weighty, so it was harder to have her balance free-handedly. 


There are so many endless combinations which you can create! She's also a gorgeous model to sit on your desk, and she will never get boring, as you can constantly change her outfit! 


Some of my tabs on the side were poking out as I was unable to cut through the arm-hole due to the lack of craft knife! But the side-tab isn't too necessary to keep the clothes on, so you can actually just snip it off! You can also use blu-tac to stick her clothes on a little more securely if you want to display her in a high-traffic area! 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! I've got plenty more on the way from Sweet Ginger Emporium and myself, including needle felting, washi tape, some garments I designed, and more! I hope you like these crafty posts ♥ I don't often get to sit down and do something purely for the creativity of it, so it's a really nice way to unwind by doing these posts. 

Please check out Sweet Ginger's entire range on their website, which ships worldwide, and is home to beautiful fabrics, buttons, bags, bits-and-bobs, and more. And If you are ever on the Isle of Man, you absolutely must visit them in store for the full effect! 



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