My Office☆

Many people are surprised to hear I won't be going to University in 2014. I think if I told myself the same thing when I was a few years younger, I would also be surprised. However, it's definitely the right move for me! The reasons I'd want to go to university are so that I could move off the Isle of Man, and so that I could spend a little more time thinking about my life and direction before I actually got stuck in. The thing is, University is supposed to be for furthering your education, and with no idea of what I would expressly like to study, education would be the lowest item on the list for me! Therefore, when it's so expensive to attend university, and I already have a plan of what I'd like to do with my life, I decided that I would concentrate on my own goals and not attend after all.

Earlier this year I established my own company, so my job as Managing Director is now to work for myself. I have many things I'm doing simultaneously, and some big plans to work on for 2014, but they're all slow moving at the beginning so I won't bore you for now! I have an office set up in my house so I can comfortably work from home. (And a sofa in case I get sleepy (´〜`*) zzz)

Around Mid-June I visited Bristol for the second time!  I decided I wanted to take a break and explore and experience the city with the friends I had made there, so I took a break there for just over a week. I visited many tourist attractions! My trip report will be in my next post ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ