Haul | Naked Basics, Baby Skin, Foam Rollers, and more ♥

Hello! I did a little bit of shopping yesterday, so I want to share with you the things that I bought!


I found this cute mini satchel in Primark for only £6. It came in a black colour combination, but I chose the red version. I think it's really charming and bright! The interior has a secret pocket and a mobile phone slot. The strap is adjustable, so you can wear it at any height! I already have my Guess handbag, however when I want to go quickly to the shop and only take my purse, I will instead take this bag.

Easily fits my iPad ♥

Easily fits my iPad ♥


I also bought a little purse for the same reason- my main purse is quite large and stores a lot of things, from cards to loyalty vouchers, receipts, coins, and mementos. When I just want to quickly dash out and bring only my card, I will now use this smaller purse! This cost me only £3.


I purchased some more hair ties- I go through them so quickly! I also saw these cute hair-bows! They attach with crocodile hair clips, which are my favourite kind, so I had to get them! There are some made of soft organza, and some of hard glitter. The hair ties were £1 for 30, and the bows were £1 for 6 (glitter) and £1.50 for 6 (organza)


Another Primark purchase was these bendy hair rollers! I have used foam rollers before, but I wanted to get some new ones, so I thought I would try out these ones. I bought two of the 8-pack small rollers for £1 per pack, and I bought one of the 6-pack large rollers for £1.50. 


It turns out that 16 small rollers was the exact number that I needed for my entire head of hair, so I didn't actually have to use the large rollers! 


My Method:

  1. Wash hair the night before
  2. Wait until almost dry
  3. Begin rolling up strands of hair about 1 inch thick from your parting to your nape
  4. Bend the rollers into a loop
  5. Sleep in the uncomfortable rollers!
  6. Wake up, let down, fab ☆

My Result! ☆ If you find it very difficult to sleep with any kind of discomfort on your head (lying on a pillow of lumps), maybe this method isn't right for you. Instead, try using rags, or pin-curls for an overnight look!


I found that the rollers had a very strong plastic smell, which I hope will fade over time of using them. 


Here's a purchase I was really excited about when I saw it- the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay! If you didn't know about it before, these palettes are collections of neutral-toned shadows produced by Urban Decay. Urban Decay has now released version 3 of the Naked palette! The Naked palette is usually £37, so when I saw this bite-sized version at £20, I had to get it! 


The Naked Basics palette includes 6 colours- two from the existing palettes, plus some exclusives. The names of the shades are Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Crave.

The shades cascade from light to dark, allowing the user to create both bright and heavy looks from the same palette.

This is Urban Decay's first completely matte palette, meaning this palette is also perfect for contouring.

It's a good option for those who love neutral tones, love the consistency of Urban Decay shadows, but aren't prepared to spend almost £40 for extra shades which they may likely never use.

The next item I really wanted to try was this: Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.

It's a primer for your foundation, to help your skin look even and to keep your foundation on for longer. You can see here that the product is a clear gel-like substance. It blends into transparency, so I couldn't swatch it for you! 

It works extremely well- when you rub it between your fingertips, you then have trouble finding your fingerprints!

My friend Kaeyi has done a video review, which you can watch if you're interested in seeing it in motion! [x]

This is apparently sold out everywhere, so i was very lucky to get my hands on it! It costs £7.99 for a 22ml bottle.


Since Maybelline in Boots is buy one, get one half price, I bought the Intense Care formula of Maybelline's Baby Lips. My lips are constantly damaged due to my biting them when I'm anxious, so I really needed to give them some love! I already have the limited edition Cherry Baby Lips, so now I can use this to help repair them! It cost me £2.99.


I'm really impressed with Maybelline's 'Baby ____' line so far. Currently, Lips and Skin are the only products available, but I'm really hoping that they release some more, and when they do, I'll definitely be buying them! 


Since my Sweets Sweets brow pencil has just run out, I had to buy a new brow pencil when I was out! I chose the L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist after seeing a gorgeous advert for it in the latest issue of Company magazine. It boasts a double ended system- one side for drawing in, and the other to wax them down! 

I chose the colour Blonde. It cost £5.49 in Boots. It works lovely- very soft and leaves a strong line. The only downside is that it is a very traditional pencil, rather than a push-up mechanism as my Sweets Sweets one was. So I'll have to make sure I always have a sharpener, or I won't have any brows at all!


While I was in Debenhams, I noticed that there was a Lancome 'bargain bin'. There were many items inside, however lots of them had already been swatched, which was unhygenic, and the packaging was a little battered. However, there were some gems to be found, and I picked up this lipgloss for half its original price!

It's the Lancome Color Fever Gloss in colour 306.





As you can see, it's a slightly glittery baby pink gloss. There's a few peachy tones to be seen too. It smells (and tastes) lovely, and it applies very smoothly. The gloss isn't too high-shine, but it is sticky enough to catch your hair to your mouth in the wind. 

I don't tend to wear gloss, so it's nice that I have a high-end product to use when I do choose to.

And finally (I promise!), I bought myself some new sleepwear. I picked up these cute little slippers and this lovely red nightie from Primark. The burgundy 'chemise' cost me only £5, and it's really comfortable! The lace is so soft, and the bust is very stretchy and comfortable. I bought the size M, as I don't like things to be too tight when I'm sleeping.

The diamante ballerina slippers were £2.50. They're also very comfortable- the pink fluff is so soft, and they stretch to fit perfectly.


I hope you liked this blog review! Let me know which is your favourite item in the comment!