SHELFIES ♥ Coolest Apparel Review

Hello! Today I want to talk to you about Shelfies! I received a package of the most super rad clothing ever, and they are the ones responsible!


My package arrived in a safe little box all the way from Toronto, Canada ♥


(My cat's tail is in shot!) ★ Each garment was individually wrapped in cellophane.


I received a letter from the founder telling me more about the company and saying thank you for our collaboration! I also received three insane stickers!! There's the sloth pope, the many cats, and the super cool ski sloth! The stickers are super high quality too, which is nice. They have a lovely satin finish!

This is the first product I chose to get. It's from their sweater range, and it's the Bliss Screensaver Sweater. I had recently made a bit of a pledge to stop buying sweaters because they straight up almost never suit me! But I had to break that pledge because I absolutely couldn't resist this.


Most of you will already know, but for those who maybe just missed that part of their life, this sweater features the default background for Windows XP, which was also the last Windows OS I ever used! It's iconic, and it makes an awesome sweater print. 


As for the quality: You can see how vibrant the sweater is. Many people have already complimented me for the colours it features! The print is not blurry at all; it is crisp, and it is printed with sublimation technology, meaning that the fabric itself has been embedded with the colour dyes needed to make this design. It won't fade at all. 


I chose a size S. I always worry about sweater sizing, and I love graphic sweaters to be quite large and cosy! I was pleased with this one, the sleeves are long on me, but that creates a quite cute effect, in my opinion.


I styled it with some simple black skinny jeans, and my nightwalker suede litas.


It's super warm, snug, and comfortable. It's a huge statement piece, and I love it to pieces! 

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 15.44.40.png

Next up, it's one of Shelfies' Tank Tops! This is the infamous Route 119, from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Can you believe it? Only the day after Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced, my Shelfies arrived, complete with this tank that I chose!! The pokélords are watching over me ★


Again, it's printed with sublimation technology, and it's double sided, with the same print on the front and back. You can see how lovely and vibrant the print is! The top itself features a racerback. 


I chose mine in the size XS. I don't often wear tank tops like this, so I wasn't sure how I'd like to style it! Now, I wish I would have chosen it in an S or M, so I could have a loose fit. But I think I can still make the XS work! 


Route 119 was always one of my favourite places to go in Pokemon Sapphire, and I'm very happy to be able to wear it as a piece of fashion! Do you feel how seriously cool Shelfies are yet? Do you feel it?!

I styled it with my transparent bomber from Choies, my chiffon skirt from Miss Selfridge, some lace socks from Primark, and my studded suede litas.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 15.55.10.png

Last but not least, I chose a T-Shirt from the huge selection Shelfies had to offer! I love cat-fashion, as you will know already. This dashing gentleman was too cute to pass up on! 


It's printed with sublimation on the front and the back. You can tell that they really care about print placement; the neck-hole doesn't negatively affect the design at all! The design looks very crisp and clear from a small distance away, but right up close, the design has a visible blur, to allow the colours to smoothly blend. 


You can see how effective and cute the design is! I don't usually wear teeshirts, but the actual cut of this tee is really lovely, I definitely feel comfortable and fashionable while wearing it. 


I chose mine in a size S, and it's the perfect fit. Not too tight, not too loose. 


I styled it with my button collar from Choies, my chiffon skirt from Miss Selfridge, and my suede studded litas!

Final Thoughts

I'm super grateful to Shelfies for collaborating with me. Even though usually actively avoid buying sweaters, plain tees, and tank tops, as I've always been convinced they don't suit me, it's taught me I shouldn't be so quick to judge! 

I think a lot of you will be as enchanted with this pop-culture infused brand as I am. Their range is absolutely awesome. You can even get your own custom, high-quality, sublimation, all-over print tees, sweaters, whatevers, printed for you by Shelfies! So this already unique clothing will become even more unique!

I think the pricing is very reasonable for what you are receiving. It's a fairly small brand in Toronto, who make most things to order. For such a unique item, I think it's worth it! 

I hope you loved this review ★ What was your favourite piece?

Be sure to check out for their full range, and send them my love! ♥