Review | You Beauty Discovery Box March

March's You Beauty Discovery box has arrived! This is my third (second documented on my blog) box from YBD, so I'm excited to find out more of the consistency of the box contents.

I'm not sponsored by YBD, I buy these boxes out of my own money :)


March's theme was "Best Of British". If you are unfamiliar with YBD, this box allows you to choose two of your items from a shortlist each month, instead of receiving a completely random set.

There were a lot of skincare products this month. The closest thing to makeup was Rimmel's BB cream. I was a little disappointed, as I've got enough skincare products for the moment and I don't want to upset my skin by introducing anything new. 


The box looks so cute and summery here! The choice items that I chose were:



One of the reasons I chose this item was for its size. This product is a whopping 90ml compared to the other choice products, which lay around the 10ml mark. It also comes with a muslin face cloth, so it's almost a two-in-one!


I was very intrigued by this product- I usually have only seen cleansing milk, however this is a cleansing butter. It has a beautiful scent. It feels very soft on the skin, and it's a nice change from my regular cleanser. 

The directions state to apply it to your face with your fingertips, and then gently remove with hot water and your muslin cloth. It's very soothing, and lovely to use when having a bath. It's a little inconvenient for daily use, but it's a nice luxury that I may grow to love more. 


My next choice product was this Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream. I was very interested in this product, as I had been looking at Crabtree and Evelyn fragrances online not too long ago! I love rose scents, so I couldn't wait to try this one out. My recent favourite hand cream had just ran out, so I needed a new member for my bag!

The scent is a very gentle and soft rose. It's exactly what you would imagine. The hand cream does wonders to hydrate my skin, and it's a perfect travel and handbag size. The packaging is also secure, and I'm not worried that it will leak.


This next product was a surprise of three from the same company: it would be either Tweezers, Lashes, or Toe Separators. I would have loved the lashes, and hated the toe separators, so I think I got a happy medium. The tweezers have a cute floral pattern and are from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. They're sharp and they're useful. I was peeking at some other girls box photos and they've actually removed my tweezers from its box packaging, I saw someone else receive theirs in box packaging! I'm not fussed though, I suppose it's what the YBD staff must do in order to fit everything into our packages!


The final product was the snack sent to everybody, and this month's was Dragonfly Tea. I don't like tea. I received Swirling Mist Organic White Tea, and Cape Malay Chai Organic Spiced Rooibos. 


For some reason though, I decided to give tea another go! I've never been impressed, but I decided to brew up the White Tea and see what would ensue.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 00.13.14.png
Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 00.13.27.png
Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 00.13.38.png

It was alright. I think it's something I didn't enjoy that much as a drink, but it was a fun experience so I might do it again, and eventually find a kind of tea I like. The other teabag smells spiced and cinnamonny, and I really hate cinnamon so I don't think I'll try that one sadly!

I hope you liked this month's You Beauty Discovery review! This box is around £6 with free shipping. I wasn't very excited by this month's products, but last month was worthwhile.

Let's wait until April and see what happens next!