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Swag swag what's in the bag!! Today I am bringing you a review of a few items that follow a similar theme!  

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Topshop Metal Bar Harness

One Size, Black Leather, £45.00 reduced to £20

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I was browsing Facebook when one of my friends had shared a link to this harness! She was actually quite scathing of it (and harnesses in general) but I thought it was really cool! I noticed there was a £25 (!!!) reduction so I jumped at the chance to purchase it! 

I bought it using Topshop's online store which I have used in the past. It arrived very quickly and with free delivery in the UK what is there to complain about! 

One thing I wasn't too sure about before purchase was the sizing- there was no estimate measurements for minimum and maximum, but I wasn't too concerned as I usually can make something fit one way or another! 

I wore it with a simple Primark blouse, devil horns from Taobao, a LIZ LISA wrist corsage, PU Skirt from SheInside, simple white socks and mary janes from! 

I'm really not very happy with this purchase and I'll explain why with some product photos ♡ 

As you can see, the back design is made up of three metal bars, which are all rigid. This makes for fairly uncomfortable wear, and also gives a hunched appearance as generally rigid elements tend to do when used in soft garments. The waistband has four settings, all of which were too large for me. The smallest setting was passable, except when only one popper is fastened, the top layer tends to flay upwards, giving a displeasing look. But as I said, I can always make it fit!

As you can possibly see, I disregarded the poppers in the end, and instead wrapped three small elastic black bands around where I wanted it to fasten. It worked surprisingly well! It's invisible in photos and up close you have to be looking to tell. 

I'm happy I saved so much money on this purchase- I think £20 is a cheap price to pay in Topshop (but it's startling how much markup they put on the original price if they can sell this at £20 and still be making profit!!). I don't think I'll be buying any harnesses from Topshop again, and I can't see this piece staying in my wardrobe for long, but I'll try to wear it often over the next few months.




Okay so I want to introduce to you this brand! I was approached by the lovely Vanessa of Fragile Pony to choose some items to review for her on my blog! I looked over her store and happily agreed, as she sells some really cute things! 



She custom-makes many garters, harnesses, jewlrey, accessories and much more, and all at a very reasonable price. It's great to see some variety as I'm really interested in these kinds of accessories right now- they're something I haven't seen utilised in mainstream fashion lately and I think they're something that can add a very fresh edge to your style!


Many of her items are one-off, but you can ask her to custom make you almost anything so if you see a design you like on my blog or in her shop, she can work her magic and remake it for you especially ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ 



Cotton Candy Garters

Fragile Pony, One Size, £19.90

This set of garters is adorable! I'd really love to commend Vanessa's craftsmanship because they're made to a really high quality. The seams are perfect and they're very sturdily constructed! I do however sadly have the same problem as the harness above- a slightly poor fit.

So, regarding their size, I'll take these instances as a sign that in future I need to either buy custom sized accessories, or enquire about the sizing. These garters didn't have a size estimate either, and they were one-size, so I again 'made them fit' by folding the back elastic tighter with clips, and when I get a chance I'm going to sew them a little smaller!

You can see some of the closer details and construction in these closeup photos. The front is made of blue and pink soft lace, and on either side by the join to the elastic there are two spikes! The back is made with thick elastic which can easily stretch. The front detailing consists of a ribbon with anti-fray ends adorned with a spike, and it is followed by a ring leading down to the pleather garter straps, finishing with the heart-shaped fastens right at the bottom. 


Aqua Heart Harness 

Fragile Pony, One Size, £21.76 

This item is a harness! It features a neck tie, a centre strap and two waist straps. It's made from an elasticated aqua gingham and utilises both plastic and metal connection pieces. The waist straps connectors are actually little metal hearts, hence the name! 

It's a really pretty harness, and I don't currently own any which have a centre strap other than this one. Again, it's so refreshing to see these kinds of accessories in any other colour than black. It certainly makes them much more wearable for daily fashion and gives them a new light! 

It's super stretchy and it can accommodate a multitude of sizes. Vanessa is actually running a new line named 'Dolls with Curves' for plus sized ladies, and of course you can commission custom sizes of anything too! Again, I'd love to see detailed sizing on the website as I also bought this piece without knowing the measurements.

The neck ties with a soft ribbon at the back, which looks really lovely! I'm super pleased with this piece too ♡ 

Cute Plushie Headband

Fragile Pony, 4 Options, £1.86 

Fragile Pony also offer some really cute accessories to style your handmade garments with! I chose this cute headband, and they actually offer it in kitty, bear, and bunny styles!

Pastel Bear Pin

Fragile Pony, 4 Options, £1.86 

do she got the booty

she dooooooooooo

I just wanted to add what was on my mind: I suppose I'm quite notorious for being skinny skinny skinny and it's definitely the case when it comes to finding a good fit with clothes. I just want to make the point however that I absolutely do not have any eating disorders, this is simply my body and if you ask anybody they'll tell you that I eat just as much as them! I don't condone thinspiration and don't wish to be looked upon as such. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or just poor self-body image, please reach out to people who can help ♡ 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll check back to my blog for my updates!