Review | Siren Wig and Marie Catoinette

Hello everyone! ❤

So, I've received a lovely package from Lockshop to review for you!

Lockshop is an online wig and accessory store run by Chokelate from the Netherlands. She's a model, but she's also a J-Fashion enthusiast, and has really great style.

"The idea of a wig store started after her own hair started to break off due to the rough hands of stylists and bleaching it a couple times too many."

I've bought from Lockshop many times before, and I've been a part of their contests too, so it's nice to sit down and actually write about my experiences with Lockshop wigs.

I chose the wig Siren in colour Hot Cinnamon.

It's really pretty in the stock photos! It's a blend of a deep ginger/auburn colour and the underneath is a subtle honey blonde. I'm in love with this hair colour, and many people tell me it suits well so I wanted to try it out a little more with a long wig.

The packaging was sturdy, and arrived in a timely manner. I also received a free wig cap! You can buy two kinds of wig caps- ones which are like a net swimming cap, or ones which are shaped like a net tube. The tube style is best for anybody with medium to long hair, as you can evenly disperse your hair under the cap, so you don't have an unsightly 'ponytail bump'! This cap was a tube-style cap.

And here we have it! The fringe was long, so I cut it into a full-fringe style. I'm so bad at cutting wig hair that I don't trust myself to do anything more than 'straight across'. You can see that I've obviously upped the colours a lot here! It's how I like to edit my shots, so for reference, here's edited vs unedited.

Above: Edited, Below: Unedited

All of my photos are taken without flash, in a room lit with daylight bulbs and a daylight soft box. I think that the stock photos are a little more brown than it is in real life.

I'm very pleased with this wig. The fibres are soft and gentle to brush, and they don't tangle easily. The cap is adjustable, and the wig is very thick. The parting is fitted with a scalp, so it makes it look more natural. 

I really like all of my Lockshop wigs. They feel very different to other wigs I've owned: they're always thick, and rarely tangle. Cheap wigs are very dry and can easily become haywire, but these have an almost hydrated texture, which helps them stay down and be smooth and shiny.

Siren in Hot Cinnamon costs £27.87 and can be purchased here:

Lockshop currently has a subsidiary brand named Rosenrot, which produces printed tights of a high quality. I actually already own a pair of Rosenrot tights, so I was excited to be able to try out one of the new designs too! I chose the design Marie Catoinette.

Of course I have to get this design ヽ(´ー`)┌  it's covered in these adorable cat images, intertwined with blue detailing.

how eccentrically adorable are these come on ๑゜д˚๑❤❤❤

Included is a little note about caring for the tights. It's advised not to wash the tights in your machine, and instead you should do a cold hand wash.

These tights made me feel extremely balletic! They're about the same thickness as ballet tights, so I think that's why. They're warm, very silky, and opaque. 

I'm wearing them with my LizaPhoenix Octopus shirt, my Pink Tiered Skirt, and my LIZ LISA Flatform shoes.

I'm really excited about these tights! They're so cute, and they're really lovely paired with light clothing. The blue detailing means that if you have any blue clothing it will go perfectly together. You can see that the design continues and repeats around the back. I'm 5'5" for reference, and they're any-size-and-height friendly, fitting from a S to an L too.

Marie Catoinette Rosenrot Tights can be purchased here for £18.61:

Thank you for reading my review! I'm happy with both of my products, and I'd recommend you look to Lockshop next time you need a sturdy wig or some cute tights!

❤ Thank you ❤