Review | L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

 Happy 2014! I thought I would kick off this year with a review of a product that has just been released by L'Oreal!

The name of the product is 'Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara'.


It's pretty clear that I was definitely going to buy this! I'm really excited every time I see western brands influenced by Japanese culture. Manga is a huge influence on many girls' eyemakeup, so seeing a mascara trying to replicate 'manga eyes' so strongly is something I love!


The mascara was sold in UK drugstore Boots, and right now it is at a promotional price of £5.99- a reduction of £3. There was a little informational card next to the display, so i took one!

I love the styling of the model- she looks so cute, and of course has really long lashes! 

The little panda on the back of the card is also cute. The brush claims to be great for lower lashes too, so I will definitely see how it plays out! 


 This mascara comes in 3 colours: Black, Turquoise and Purple. The black is just a regular pitch black, but the turquoise is extremely bright! The purple is unimpressive next to the turquoise.


 The brushes are fairly thin, and they taper towards the tip. They're well coated and actually extremely flexible.

So, let's begin!

my natural eyelashes with no mascara or curl

my natural eyelashes with no mascara or curl

 application❤ (can you see my replicate of the model's hairstyle!)

 application❤ (can you see my replicate of the model's hairstyle!)


Left eye: Natural Lashes

Right eye: Mascara both top and bottom

This is the black mascara. I found it was very lengthening, but as you can see, it's very easy to get your lashes looking more like spider legs from clumping together as you apply more and more coats. I love how it works on my lower lashes- they are significantly lengthened! 

The mascara formula is fairly thick and full of fibres. It's very easy to clump after only a few coats, but it really does lift your lashes outwards, even without using a curler, and it really is lengthening. The brush is easy to use on lower lashes, as promised!


 I next tried the blue mascara. I really love the effect of this mascara! I've never really worn coloured mascara before, so I was excited to try it. I love the blend created between the black of my natural lashes, and the blue of the mascara. It looks especially cute on the lower lashes, as it creates a small gradient from black to blue.

It lengthens, though not as well as the black formula. This version is a little less clumpy, and comes out just as colourful as the wand shows us.


 Finally, I tried the purple mascara. I wasn't very impressed with this version. The purple colour is very subtle, and the lengthening effect is not as strong as the black. It is less clumpy, however, which is a small plus! I would have loved this to be as vivid as the blue, but for those hoping to try coloured mascara yet remain subtle, I would recommend this version.


 I finally finished with this combination- black winged eyeliner, black mascara on the upper lashes, and blue mascara on the lower. I think this is a really cool and futuristic look! I don't often wear lower lash mascara, but I might more often with these colours. 

Overall I'd give this product a 3.5/5

The clumping and the disappointing purple were my major issues.

I really loved the vibrance of the blue, the lengthening, and the lift.

I hope you liked this review! I paid for all products myself, and all opinions in this blogpost are my own ♥