Review | Kapello Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago, Kate from Kapello Hair Extensions got in touch with me to ask if I'd be interested in doing a review for them! She told me she was a follower of my videos for 6 years, so I was extremely flattered and said that I would love to! ♥

"Kapello is the global expert brand in premium quality hair extensions. We supply an extensive range of permanent and semi-permanent extensions all made from only the finest quality, 100% Remy and Russian/European hair."

Kapello provide four different methods of hair lengthening solutions:

  1. Clip In
  2. Micro Ring
  3. Pre-Taped
  4. Pre-Bonded

As a huge beauty geek, I'm informed on all of these kinds, even though I have very long hair naturally. To briefly explain the kinds- Micro Ring is the least damaging, long hair is affixed by tiny rings that squeeze shut around your natural strands. Pre-Taped is what it says- lengths of hair are taped into your natural hair with strong adhesive. Pre-Bonded is considered the best long-lasting method- long hair is bonded to your natural hair with strong adhesive, almost strand-by-strand.


I'll be reviewing for you today Clip In Extensions. Clip In Extensions are the most common, most affordable, and least committed solution to lengthen your hair. You can wear them whenever you like, and when you remove them, there is no damage incurred to your natural hair. 


I received 18" Virgin Indian Remy Hair in Colour 6 (Red Brown). This is quite different from what I requested- 20" European Hair in Colour 2 (Medium Light Brown). I decided to try them out regardless of this mix up!





As you can see, they are very red, and they are shorter than my natural hair by about 5".





A pack of clip in extensions is enough for a whole head of hair. You receive

3 x 4-Clip Wefts

2 x 1-Clip Wefts


It's very difficult to show you the difference as my hair is already naturally long! However, there is still purpose to me wearing extensions, and that is: Thickening and Layering!

My natural hair lays very flat and fine, and it is difficult to get volume due to not having any layers. So, by wearing these extensions which are shorter than my natural hair length and layers, I can fake both layers and volume.

These extensions are red, but they blend with my natural hair to create a two-tone effect. I absolutely love auburn hair, so this is a way to try it out even more!


As for the quality of the extensions: these are the best I have ever tried. Even though my order was wrong (and I'm sure that it would have been amended had I asked), the hair is very silky and smooth. The clips are very securely attached to the weft, and they are strong enough to stay on my head all day.


I hope you enjoyed this review! I'm not being paid for this review. I was provided with the extensions by Kapello free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own personal thoughts and feelings on this product.