I recently attended Keep It Secret's convention Animanga POP! (convention report coming soon!) in Plymouth, and while I was there, they told me some great news! Keep It Secret have secured their position as JUIZYWOOZY's sole distributor in the UK. 

JUIZYWOOZY is an Indonesian brand inspired featuring bold, Harajuku, "kawaii' graphics. I had never heard of them before being approached by Keep It Secret, so they're still a growing brand. 

JUIZYWOOZY set themselves apart by their fantastically unique packaging- my tee was given to me in a super cute milk-carton! The carton featured the details of the product in a culinary-style description. I had never seen that before, it was a really innovative touch!


As you can see, I'm wearing a 2-Piece tee from Juizy Woozy! It features a tank top and a cropped top. Both parts have half of the central character printed on them, and when worn together, it creates the entire body! 

I think JUIZYWOOZY is really good as casual yet cute wear for those who want to show their love for Japanese fashion, but not be too outrageous. The clothing is comfortable and very well made. 

I'm looking forward to seeing more of what they have to offer! 


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