Review | Introducing LMFLMF ♥

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LMFLMF is a business which was started on the Isle of Man last year. I met the founder, Laura, at an entrepreneurs dinner, and we both clicked over our love of fashion! She was in the process of launching LMFLMF when we met, but now it has been launched, and business is well underway!

The concept of LMF LMF is Love My Figure, Love My Fashion. It's a brand designed to dress women of every size in garments which are suited to their body shape.

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When you load up their homepage, you're greeted with a simple body shape calculator. You can even have a free tape measure sent to you if you don't have one handy! I inputted my 3 measurements, and found out that my body shape is an...

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I'm an Hourglass! There are five key body shapes: Pear, Apple. Hourglass, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle. Depending on your BWH measurements, you can find out which you are! Most women don't know their own body shape, but once you do, it's much easier to find clothing that flatters it perfectly.


I was invited to choose a dress from LMFLMF. I actually had a little trouble finding one which would fit me- their stock leans towards larger sizes rather than smaller ones as we often see! I couldn't find any hourglass garments that would fit me, so i actually had to go for a dress more suited to a rectangle. edit: I have been informed this dress is actually dual-categorised into hourglass as well, hooray! 


I chose the Motel Catalina Dress in Black. It's a perfect LBD, which has a unique cut, shown off by the simplicity of the garment.

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The dress was packaged with one of these flyers telling you more about the store ♥


I really love this dress! I think LMFLMF is definitley one to watch as they keep on growing. They're also stocking Tanya Burr Lips + Nails, so you can pick up some Youtuber glam while you buy a new dress!

Thank you for reading my post! If you'd like to see more, their website is here: