Recent shopping ♡

Lately I've bought a few new clothes so I'd like to share my favourites with you all! (・ω<) 



This jumpsuit is a particular favourite. I was able to pick it up for only £12 at TK.Maxx a few weeks ago! It's made of a patterned denim fabric and I'm wearing a size 6. It's strapless and has a little shirring across the back so it can stretch to fit.  

I also wore it in my Future Fantasy music video, and a full outfit rundown for that music video is coming soon! 



I bought these shoes only last week! I was browsing stores in Bristol to find an outfit to wear for Area 11's performance at Brighton Japan Festival last Saturday the 21st September. I came across these shoes and noticed they were only £10!

I asked for a UK Size 4, but they only had a Size 5. I tried it on anyway and luckily it was a great fit! I love the colour and the triple platforms are really comfortable to wear. The brand is Blue Banana and they had some more amazing footwear which I'd love to go back and try on another time!



The next few items are from a classy little store called 'Clearance Warehouse'! What can I say, I can't avoid checking out a bargain! I was drawn to them because of the advertised 'EMERGENCY SALE' stating everything inside was £3! The majority of the clothes were what you would expect but I did manage to pick out some little pieces I knew how to style into my regular clothing.

I saw that many girls were wearing red tartan miniskirts and thigh high socks lately and I thought it looked great! I looked for a tartan skirt which had the right fall but was unable to find one, so I substituted the iconic tartan print for this cute 'minnie mouse' skirt. It's got an elasticated waistband and consists of red fabric covered with black dotted lace and a low lace rim. 

I actually wore this skirt for the latest gig I performed at: Area 11 at Brighton Japan Festival! There's a compilation video of the gig, and I'll upload my footage of Shi No Barado when I can edit it together! ♡




This dress is from New Look! It stood out to me and for £20 I thought it worthy of a purchase. It's part of their 'Label Lounge'  collection and it's by Tokyo Doll in size 8. 

The only dislike I have of this dress is the straps- they're placed quite centrally on the bust line. They're also bra-style skinny straps, which I find just generally aren't the most aesthetically pleasing to begin with! 

The black patches on the sides are actually made of a fairly opaque black net! It adds a new texture to the dress and they break up the silhouette into something a little more modern. 

The print is dotted with semi-fluorescent pink and orange petals. I'm not usually a fan of fluorescence in clothing but I think this dress pulls it off very well when paired with a chaotic print and large focus on the colour black.


Another piece from the Clearance Warehouse, this simple lace white dress a simple and cute buy. The cheap satin bows down the centre are the only thing that ruin the look to me, but in natural light they aren't too noticeable and for casual wear I don't mind! 

The hem and sleeves are both elasticated. For me, wearing this dress relies on minimalistic white accessories, and one more with colour to pop.  


This top is from Miss Selfridge. It's following the trend of Peplum skirts, and the bodice reminds me of 50's lingerie, and increasingly popular Harnesses. The straps are non-adjustable but luckily the perfect fit! 

The fabric is of a lovely texture, and is dotted with embroidered flowers in pink and blue. It's a very delicate and girly piece, and I've found suits styling on top of a skirt to create a fuller look.  I bought it in the sale, and it now seems to be sold out.


This cropped sweater is my final piece from the Clearance Warehouse! The colour is not showing nicely in photos, but it's an exact match to my Mint Converse above in real life. It's an acrylic sweater with some stretchy cropped sleeves and a waistband. It's knitted, so it needs to be worn over something else. The neckline is large and loose, and I've been wearing it over a black leotard lately. Because it's getting cooler, it's good to have something I can throw over my summer shirts!


This is one of my absolute favourite purchases. It's a velvet black body from Miss Selfridge. It cost me £18, and I adore it! It's very comfortable, and it's nice to wear something so textured. It's very tight fitting but non restrictive, and the crotch fastens with 3 poppers.

I bought a UK Size 4, which was very surprising, as I usually buy a 6 if available, or an 8, which is the lowest most shops will do and also usually fits. I don't think I could buy a 4 in anything other than garments of this type, as it stretches a lot and is meant to be incredibly form fitting. 

I also wore this in my coordination for Brighton Japan Festival! 


The last two items I bought are actually what I'm wearing today! It's a kitty face cropped top from Miss Selfridge! Again, I bought it in the sale. It's made of a lightweight and textured white fabric. There are small bobbles all across it, which add to the interesting texture. 

The cat face is printed on extremely well, and has not peeled or faded, and I don't think it will any time soon! 

I paired it with my new Topshop shorts! They're Topshop's brand MOTO's High Waisted Denim Shorts. I have been looking for a new pair of shorts for a long time! It's very hard to find a good fit in shorts, and they're very hard to adjust, making it extra difficult to find! 

I bought them online and was unsure how they would look in person. The stock photos were very Bright Blue, however upon arrival I knew that even though they were bright, they looked great! They also fit extremely well, and are comfortable to wear in many situations. 

The high waist means I can wear my cropped tops in the way I feel most comfortable, which is another plus! 


My last mention is for the store Lanvin! I was approached via email to see if I could give them a shout out. I visited Harvey Nichols in Bristol to see them for myself, and I came across their beautiful skirts, shoes and jewellery! It was very much out of my price range but they were still lovely to see and feel! 

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 21.39.25.png

This concludes today's blogpost! I usually try to wear all the clothes I showcase, but as I'm still away from home it's hard to set up my camera and take shots. I hope hanger photos will suffice, and look out for future photos on my instagram, because they may show up worn then! Thank you for reading ♡ !