My Vitriol and Area 11 at KOKO, London

A week after visiting Leicester, I came to London with Area 11 for a gig. We were the supporting act for My Vitriol, a very well respected band. It was their first gig in a long time, and it was at the prestigious London venue KOKO. 

We travelled down to London from Bristol in a van on the same day and arrived mid-afternoon in time to unpack. It was very surreal being at such a venue where many of my favourite artists had also performed! 


In no time at all it was time to go on stage! We were the first support band on, followed by female duo BLEECH, and finished with the headline, My Vitriol! Backstage in our dressing room I did my hair and makeup, and got changed. 

Many Area 11 fans came to the event which was very heartwarming to see! When Shi No Barado came on I could see the crowdmembers singing along, which was amazing! 

I wore a wonderful dress! It's a black short opaque lining with sequined netting overlayed. The hem is lower at the back and I paired it all with some suede Lita-style shoes with spiked heels. 

I had a wonderful time at this gig. BLEECH had a very interesting sound, and My Vitriol were amazing. We caught up with some old friends while watching and all in all had a wonderful evening! ☆