My Lush Skincare Products

For a long time I only used Lush's bath bombs and soaps, but over the past year I really branched out and tried some of their skincare products! I want to share with you what I use, and what I think! 


Breath Of Fresh Air is a toner water. I use it third in my beauty regime- wash, cleanse, tone! I spray maybe two pumps onto a cotton pad and use it over my face. It's really refreshing, and it helps to lift those invisible bits of dirt and makeup still left over.


It smells like the ocean! I've nearly used all of it up, so I'm going to repurchase this. A 100g bottle is £3.95.


I own two Lush lip scrubs- one is maybe from 2010, and one I got only late last year! The first I got was Bubblegum, and the second was Popcorn. Lush lip scrubs are super simple- flavoured sugar which you exfoliate your lips with!


They're delicious and do a great job. I bite my lips due to anxieties so they're never super smooth, but these really help. I would recommend to use them only once a week, as the sugar is very exfoliating. They last a really long time, so i won't need to repurchase these for at least another 5 years I bet! They cost £5.50 each.


Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub. The exfoliant is sea salt, and it's set in a moisturising lotion, so it really cleans and cares for your skin. The sea salt is too abrasive for daily use, so i would recommend to use this only once or twice a week.

When I first got this product and used it, I felt like I had been blessed with a new face! It's really intensive, and it gives amazing results.

It's also available in an alcohol-free formula. It comes in 120g and 250g sized pots. The smaller size is better for use on just your face, however if you want to use it on your whole body, it would be better to get the larger pot. It's fairly expensive at £7.25 for the 120g pot, however it lasts a long time if you use it only once a week, I'll be repurchasing this when mine runs out! 


Let The Good Times Roll is a face and body cleanser! I was recommended this item by the shop assistant after we discussed how abrasive Ocean Salt was for everyday use. She showed me this item, and told me that it used to be seasonal-only, but now it's back full-time! 

Let The Good Times Roll is a popcorn-themed gentle exfoliant and cleanser. It's quite concentrated and firm- you soften it in water when you cleanse with it. It has little popcorn kernels in it which is a cute touch! 

This is a much gentler exfoliant, which you can use every day. The beads are very soft and fine. 

You can buy it in 100g and 250g pots. I bought my 100g pot for £6.35. I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing this- it will last me a really long time as it's so concentrated. I'll make the call when I'm nearer to the bottom!


Mask of Magnaminty is a face and back pack. Both this mask and Ocean Salt were recommended to me by the lovely Kaeyi Dream


I wanted to try out some face masks from Lush, and I was leaning towards the Fresh Face Masks, however she didn't recommend them, and instead pointed me towards the non-fresh masks. This means that these don't expire, so you can take your time to enjoy them! 

Magnaminty comes in 125g and 315g sized pots, and the smaller is only £5.25! 

It's used to combat breakouts and spots, and I have to say I'm in love. It's really effective, but not only does it work, but it smells heavenly! It's a really strong mint scent which I absolutely love. There's exfoliating beads too, which work as you take off the mask. 

I like to apply it to a washed and patted-dry face, leave it until it sets (about 15 minutes or more), and then wash it off. My face feels lovely, fresh, and minty afterwards.

I absolutely adore Lush products- they're all 100% cruelty free, the staff are amazingly helpful, and their products are one-of-a-kind. If you were like me and only used their bath bombs, I recommend you branch out a little and try some of their skincare range! 

What's your favourite product from Lush? Mine is maybe Ocean Salt, or A French Kiss Bubble Bar- it's a lavender bath bubbler, but sadly it's quite expensive, at £4.25 per bar, and each bar is adequate for only one bath.