Light Up Sneakers for Adults | From 30p to £350!

Since TopShop's SS14 runway, I've had Light-Up shoes on my mind! I had a quick search for some when they walked the runway in January, however I couldn't really find any great results! 

You can imagine my dismay when I saw them: £350! I am not a rich girl and I can not afford these. They are beautiful, but right now, I value quantity and variety over quality, so I cannot justify this price for a single pair of shoes! 

I decided that surely there must be some light-up shoes for adults. I decided to set aside an afternoon, and research away! 

LA Lights

LA Gear have been around since the 70's. Founded by the same founder as Sketchers', they're a really cool sneaker brand. In 2009, they re-released their popular product, LA Lights, real 90's light-up shoes.

They're available in Men's and Women's styles, and they're the brand with the most variety in their styles.

They cost about $100, and I believe that includes worldwide shipping. 

I particularly love these holographic kicks! 

These ladies shoes come in sizes US 5-10.

The website unfortunately doesn't detail much about the shoes: Do they light up on stepping, or is it continuous? Is there a switch? Batteries? Life?, so it's a little bit of a chance to take on these shoes.

You can get them here:



Evolved Footwear

Evolved footwear customise well-known branded shoes to incorporate lights. They have a limited choice, and the price tag is fairly high, too.

This is the only pair of ladies' sneakers that Evolved sells. They're made-to-order (allow 3 weeks for construction), and there's great information about the functionality of the lights and the shoes. They're available in US Size 5-12. 

You can check out Evolved's range here:




Evolved and LA Lights were the only western brands selling light up shoes for adults that appeared to still be in business. So, I decided to browse Taobao, which has always been my saving grace for hard-to-find items at low prices. 

I searched for 'LED Shoe' (LED 鞋), and was greeted with this beautiful collection of results!!

They all seemed to have one thing in common in the title: Simulation, so I will assume that it is the brand or manufacturer's name.

They're really gorgeous! They come in a variety of colours, from a variety of different sellers. The prices range from about £25-67, so you really should shop around. The shoe sizes are 34-43. 

They actually charge via USB, so you don't need to keep buying small batteries! They take about 3 hours to fully charge, and the charge can last for 9-12 hours. Apparently there is also a switch control inside!

You can buy them from various sellers by searching 'Simulation LED 鞋', but here are some direct links:


SIDENOTE: About Taobao. Taobao is a giant Chinese marketplace, similar to Ebay. Everything is so cheap and yes they are the real prices! The catch is for us: Taobao sellers don't ship outside of China. Therefore, you need to use a Shopping Service to make an order. I have made a video about How To Order, so please check it out! It's really worth learning how to use.



Make Your Own

The most common remedy for the lack of adult-sized light-up shoes has been to make your own. Depending on your electronics knowledge, you can actually do this fairly cheaply. 

The above photo shows the simplest method: velcro-on LED strips for your shoes. But convenience does come at a price, with even this basic selection costing $124.99.

You can pick up the Vision X Shoe Kit here:

There's also this really effective DIY over at, which does require some electronics knowledge. But they look fantastic! 

Check out their tutorial here:




I saw these alternatives on my research mission! I thought they were mention worthy.

1. Light Up Laces

These laces are on Taobao, and they're available in a multitude of colours. 

It appears that the large oval part is the light, and the laces are transparent tubes that illuminate when the light is switched on.

These cost only 4RMB: about 30p. Thirty Great-British Pennies. So cheap. 

You can pick them up here:

2. Luminous Shoes

Ignore the misleading product title, these do not have LEDs in them. Instead, the soles are constructed of glow-in-the-dark plastic, meaning that if you leave them in a bright room or in the sun for a few hours, when you go to wear them in the evening, they will be 'charged', and glow brightly! These could be convenient to wear day-to-night, as in the day, they will charge as you wear them, and in the night, they will glow brightly! 

Though I say 'charge', they do not have any electrical components. It's simply glow-in-the-dark magic. 

They come in a few styles and colours from different sellers. They cost anywhere between £13 and £30. They're available in sizes 35 to 39.

Some links:

I hope that this post has given you a few more options in the impossible mission to find light-up shoes for adults! Next time I do a Taobao order, I'm going to get some of the light-up shoes. However, as of writing, I've not purchased any of these products, so I can't vouch for their quality at all. If you do purchase any of these, or know of any more places or alternatives you can get some Light Up Shoes for Adults, please do let me know in the comments! ♥ Thanks for reading!