Let's Catch Up!

It's been a good while since I've blogged about myself and not a product or experience! So I wanted to take a little time and just talk with you about what's happening with me!

Events I'm Attending This Year

I am currently booked for three events this year as a performer. They are:

Yorkshire Cosplay Con

I'll be attending this one-day event held in Yorkshire's Doncaster Dome on 14th June 2014. I'll be performing, selling merch, and doing various other things throughout the day! You can book tickets here from £7.

Idol Matsuri

Idol Matsuri is also held in June, but this time across the globe in the USA! It's the first event of its kind being held. I will be attending along with a huge host of idol performance acts, including many from Japan, and across the US! Acts include Haruko Momoi, Aither, RYUtist, DJ Amaya and Ally and Sally.

There is a fundraiser effort to help cover the international air fares that this event requires to be held. 


There's plenty of rewards there, and I'm going to document the event as best as I can. I love international travel, and I promise that I'll blog every step of the journey, so even if you don't live in the area, think about supporting the event! 


Alcon is an event which I attended last year, too! I'll be attending and performing once more this year. It's a 16+ event held in Leicester across 4-7th of September 2014. I'll be attending and performing on Saturday and Sunday.


My Stance on Dance Videos

I've of course been updating my channel with semi-weekly videos for a good while now! I just wanted to talk about my content a little, as I don't really want to make a video about it but I do want to talk to you about it.

Some of you will have subscribed before 2013, the time when my content was exclusively dancing. I posted my last dancing video in July 2012, and I didn't post any videos after that until my channel reboot in January 2013. 

I found myself enjoying making dance videos less and less. The whole point of making videos is to make videos which are enjoyable for me to make and then by extension, enjoyable for you to watch. I don't think you would want to watch me making dance covers in which I wasn't having a good time. 

I had recorded so many, even edited and uploaded them, but I had never published them because I just wasn't satisfied. It was really frustrating and upsetting for me to feel like that about something I had put so much effort into, that I just decided to have a break.

I still attend ballet classes, just as I have since I was 3 years old. I now also do pilates every week! I practice jpop dances once a month or so, and even more just before a convention or event. I've not learned anything new in a while though.

So I guess I'm still having a break. It's continued for 23 months now. I didn't want my channel- the channel I made, for myself, back in 2007, to just lie dormant. I like making videos, but I wasn't enjoying making the dance videos any more. I had actually been making many hair and beauty tutorials on my second channel. I decided that I didn't want my main channel to gather dust, and so I moved all video creation onto my main channel alone.

Now, my banner lists 7 categories of videos.

They are: Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Game, Dance, Music, Vlog. 

And this answer has alleviated my stress greatly! My channel is now exactly this: On a Tuesday and a Saturday, a new video will be uploaded. It will be any one of these 7 categories. I don't want to write dance videos off forever, I loved them and they brought me great joy while growing up. I hope they can make me happy again at some point. I'm just going to take it easy, and I hope that you'll continue supporting my channel, no matter which direction we encounter.

If you want to unsubscribe because you only want dance videos, by all means feel free. I'd rather have a smaller subscriber base of people who were there because they wanted to be. I'm so grateful for every single one of you who subscribes to me and watches my videos, and I hope that this explanation will answer some things that you may have been wondering :)

bcky couture

On a lighter note, you will maybe have seen that on 14.4.14, I launched my very own fashion brand! 

I've been talking about making my own clothes for a while, and I took the dive at last! We have 8 garments in our first collection, and every single piece is handmade at home by myself and my mother. We make everything to measure- no dress sizes, just your sizes. We ship worldwide. You can read the first blogpost on the brand's website if you'd like to learn more about the naissance, and of course please do check out the collection! I'll be making a video about my brand shortly for YouTube explaining a little more and showing you the clothes I have made. 


I'm going to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live at the end of the month! I've made a really cool outfit to wear, I'm super excited to go ❀ so many of my friends are going to be there, it's probably going to be the social event of the year for me! here's a sneak peek of the prep for my outfit:

so many flowers (〃∇〃)

so many flowers (〃∇〃)

I also partook in some content for my network's channel! My YouTube network is Maker and The Platform is their subsidiary style branch. One show they run is called Postcards From... and it's a video lookbook from around the globe. Many of my favourite YouTubers have also done episodes, such as Marzia and Pursebuzz. Here's my episode → 


That's more or less all from me! I hope it was nice for us to catch up like this. I'll try to write big wordy personal posts more often. Take care! 😊