Japan 2013: Shopping in Shibuya 109

Hi Everyone! Today I'm going to tell you how my 19th October 2013 was! ❤

So, on this day we had some free time in the morning. Alodia, Miyake and myself were the only ones who wanted to go shopping in the morning, so we headed towards Shibuya to finally experience our favourite thing! Miyake met with her friend who lives in Japan, so I spent the morning shopping with Alodia.

photo: http://alafista.com/

photo: http://alafista.com/

It had been three years since I had been to 109! For those of you who don't know, Shibuya 109 is a 9-storey shopping mall full of the most fashionable clothes Tokyo has to offer. Each floor has around 7 shops, and each one showcases a different style! All the store staff are very helpful and are dressed head-to-toe in the brand's clothing.

I think it's every girl's dream to work in 109 ヽ(´ー`)┌ ❤❤❤

"Our store sells accessories and sundries. Our comprehensive lineup includes products matched to natural, cute and beautiful styles with the focus on piercings, hair accessories and watches." ー Sarah Zodiaque


I actually went to Sarah Zodiaque twice in the same shopping trip- I returned on our way out because I realised I really wanted something else I had seen too! So, these are my overall purchases from this shop! I'll warn you, Shibuya 109 is really expensive. Most pieces of clothing are 3,000円 at least, and that's just for a simple item. All the pretty dresses are like 10,000円 at least :( Very expensive for a super savings hunter like me!

I bought some new stockings, and two lace collars!

These tights feature a bear called Kumamon! He's the Yuru Chara for the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. Yuru Chara are really popular in Japan at the moment, with Kumamon being one of the most famous there! I actually met Kumamon in Paris, France, at Japan Expo. he tried to look up my skirt (=_=). But he's really cute! These tights are in the fake OTK style that is available lately. Each leg has the bear ears, however one has a Kumamon face, and the other has the text 'KUMAMON'! 

I also bought two collars: one in this style, and one as a peter pan collar. This collar is made from lace, and it's very delicate and soft. The other is an intricately designed lace and pearl collar! It's very hard to find such detailed items, so I had to get these when I saw the chance ❤

”A discovery cafe, new and exciting☆SBY stands for“SHI-BU-YA””  ー SBY

I bought just one item from SBY: these amazing OTK Kitty socks! Instead of being printed tights, they're actually tights! I prefer to wear socks usually, so these were a must-have. They were also available in grey, but I chose the black pair. The eyes are embroidered on, and they're really warm and soft! I have two black kittens of my own, so wearing them is like wearing my kittens on my knees ♫


"The store's theme is ""All Beauty Collection."" 

Select shop that carries items that are the answer to the wish of all women ""to be beautiful!"" ◎ We offer popular Korean cosmetics, topical domestic brands and well-known global brands at discount prices!!. 

Popular cosmetics shop that offers a comprehensive lineup of over 50 brands of body and skin care products including the Korean cosmetics brands ""Holika Holika"" and ""ElishaCoy"" as well as brands from America, Italy and France♪" ー ABC Cosme Store

This store was really cute, full of Asian beauty products, and all of them were pretty affordable too! All of these masks were around 100円 which is fine for me. I bought two of these decadent face masks- one in Royal Jelly and one in Pearl. I've already used up one mask, and it was very hydrating and soothing for my skin.

I also tried a Lip Mask! I had never seen them before, so I wanted to try it out. The mask had a jelly-like membrane texture, and it was very hydrating. 

The Royal Jelly mask is in my giveaway, which ends on November 30th 2013, and you can enter here → http://bit.ly/beckiigive !

”L.D.S. is on the right-hand side of the ascendingescalator, displaying apparel created around thestore theme “Girl’s Fantasy” that has used the worldas its stage and amusement ground to flaunt itswide range of timely and trendy items.” ー LDS

I think. That LDS. Might just be one of my favourite stores ever. Absolutely all the items were perfect. It was like cruel-heaven(゚д゚)

I spent a really long time in LDS! I couldn't decide what to buy. Everything was pretty expensive. I eventually stumbled upon a bowl full of these amazing mittens ♥ They had many different styles, such as bunnies, kittens, and of course these bears!

If you can't tell, they're fingerless mittens, with thumb holes, and the stuffed bear heads are also little pockets! They're super comfortable and warm, and they're one of my favourite purchases ever! They were pretty expensive for gloves... around 32,000円, but I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't get them ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

They have a website and a webstore → http://www.lds-lovedrugstore.com/ but I assume they don't ship outside of Japan, as it is with most Japanese webstores, so if you want something you may have to use a shopping service! So it's probably for the best that it's slightly inconvenient to order, otherwise I would be very poor but dressed fresh as heck.

So, this concludes my shopping trip! We made it to the top floor of 109 before we were called to assemble for lunch before heading off to another fashion show!

So I hope to see you in my next blogpost about Asia Fashion Collection SS2014!