Japan 2013: Let's Go To Japan!

In October 2013, I was invited to return to Japan to visit and spread my experiences to everybody I that I could. So on the morning of the 16th of October 2013, I begun my 24 hour travel to Tokyo.

Waking up at a cheery 4AM, I drove to the airport with my huge baggage in tow and regretted my light clothing instantly- it was absolutely freezing! My first flight of the day was to London, and unfortunately, it was delayed by 40 minutes. My layover in London had allowed 6 hours in between, however, so I wasn't too worried at all.  The flight was smooth and my taxi met me immediately, and brought me from London Gatwick to London Heathrow!


I checked into my flight via the automatic check-in kiosks they have in the beautiful Terminal 3 at Heathrow ❤  I then dropped my bag, and I was invited to use the Upper Class check in desk! 

Now in the lounge with plenty of time, I had a Pret Baguette for lunch and explored the airport a little. I began to freak out a little bit, as I was feeling very anxious about travelling such a long way on my own, but eventually my flight was called and we boarded!

I was seated next to a quite elbowsy woman but luckily I was sitting in the Aisle, so I could freely walk, stretch my legs, and access my overhead luggage.  

I love in-flight entertainment! I watched Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and a lot of TV shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, American Dad, and Family Guy. I tried to sleep many times but I slept all in all for 1 hour, which was so dreadful :(

Eventually though, after 12 hours of flying I finally landed in Narita Airport. The baggage reclaim took a really long time as it was a very busy flight! I made my way into Arrivals and was greeted by the event organiser, Berekk from Revamp Corporation! He was very friendly and introduced me to the rest of the girls who had arrived at a similar time: Jess and Elle Yamada, and Stella Lee, all from Jakarta, Indonesia! I wasn't looking very fab or fresh so I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and rest a little bit. 

I thought that the arrival day was completely free so we could all rest, but apparently not. We were all told that we were going for a tour and lunch in Shibuya, and then heading to a fashion show and then dinner! I was so worried that this was the plan! I really felt like I was going to fall over with jetlag, so I said that I would prefer to rest from now until the fashion show as I hadn't slept on the hotel, and luckily that was completely fine, so I felt so relieved! 

Though actually, I shouldn't feel so relieved so soon. While collecting our bus tickets bound for Tokyo Station, I was ambushed by YOUは何しに日本へ?, who were filming at the time! They asked me some questions and tried to make me sing, dance and do a catwalk walk but I was like "( ´_ゝ`) i am really too tired for this okay" and eventually they released me. I'm a little shy in the first place let alone at that moment! They were nice to meet, and I told them that I actually knew Ally and Sally, who are my friends which I had seen on the show a few weeks ago! They remembered and said they were really lovely! ♡

While on the bus home, I checked my emails to see that I was due on British radio in 2 hours time! BBC Five Live requested an interview with me about my music and my work on YouTube while I was 30,000 ft in the air! 

We arrived in Tokyo and taxied over to the hotel. We checked into our home for the next few days: The Sunroute Shinbashi! 

It's a 3* compact hotel, but I was very impressed with my room. Hotels can be so expensive in Tokyo, but this one was affordable and used the small space very well, so it was just enough for a 3 day visit to the city :) 



mini room tour!

Small but snuggly semi-double bed (with a little window into the toilet!) 

Tiny but very deep bath! Hotel baths are great because you don't have to pay for the hot water ( ・ิω・ิ)

Japanese toilet. I have never used the buttons and I'm not sure I ever will!

Metropolitan view of Tokyo's endless buildings.

When I got to my room I had a quick shower and I set my alarm to give myself a 20 minute nap before doing the BBC Five Live interview. It was around 6AM in the UK, but it was 3PM in Japan! After finishing the interview, I went to sleep again for only 30 minutes before I had to wake up and get ready for the evening's activities.


Stay tuned to my blog to find out about my experience at Nozomi Ishiguro's runway show, and our evening's dinner ♫ 

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