Japan 2013: Cool Japan Project

Hi Everybody! So, continuing from my last post..

The reason I was able to come to Japan was because I was invited as an influencer by Cool Japan. It's an initiative project funded by the government's METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). The goal is to show influencers experiences about Japan in the hopes that they'll share it and inspire more people to come to Japan too!

You can read the project information here: [x]

This trip was a fashion trip, and I was invited to Tokyo for 3 days along with Miyake, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Elle and Jess Yamada, and Stella Lee.

There was another trip running after the fashion trip more centred around film, music and industry, however I chose to come on the fashion trip instead ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

After visiting the Sumo, we walked to Asakusa Station. Takasago Beya was very close to the Sky Tree, so we had a great opportunity to take photos on our walk! The weather was really fine, on this day it was the best out of the entire trip ♡

Tokyo is an extremely populated city, with close to 9 million residents. That's more than Mexico City, and New York City too! However it never feels too busy. It handles its population very well, and makes extreme use of building up rather than out to accommodate people.

Another observation is the cleanliness. I don't think I saw one piece of gum on the pavements. The cars are always sparkling. I think there might be a fine or something for having a dirty car, because literally every vehicle is so clean!

I think it's great that they have this nationwide motivation to make Japan a nice place to live in. They really respect their surroundings. 

This collection of buildings is really famous! You can see the Asahi Building here. It actually looks like a giant beer with foam n the top! Sky Tree is peeking over ahead too. The building on the right is also popular.

We were lead to the station by the daughter of the Sumo stable, and she told us that all the kids called it 'the flying turd'. Apparently it's supposed to be a fireball ( ´_ゝ`) When walking over I only saw the half of it, so I thought it was a moustache! 

Either way, it's a really pretty showcase of architecture. The clouds reflected in the surfaces are beautiful.


We eventually made it to the station, where we took the subway to the METI building! It's a very official district of Tokyo, so I had never been there before. We were surrounded by so many people in suits!

We went inside and were greeted by the officials of the Cool Japan Project! We went to a board room and discussed the project, our feelings on it, and brainstormed ideas to help promote Japanese content across the world. It was so nice to meet everybody and thank them personally! 

Thank you for reading! ♡ in my next post I'll be reviewing the runway of CABiN's S/S 2014 Collection, so check back in a few days or so!