Japan 2013: CABiN S/S 2014 Runway Report


On October 18th 2013 I attended the fashion runway for THEATRE PRODUCTS 2014SS collection entitled CABiN.

The runway was held in a really beautiful hotel suite in the Cerulean Tower Hotel, overlooking Shibuya. It was held in the evening, so we could look out at the city while it was lit up at night ♡♡

view over Shibuya Crossing

All the guests arrived and it was a very cosy atmosphere. Everybody was very close to the runway, as it was in a room rather than a huge hall like regular runway shows generally are. The hotel setting made the entire collection very intimate, it was by far the best presented runway that I have been to!


THEATRE PRODUCTS produced this video for their collection. It's the same room that we were in, and you can really feel the atmosphere! Beautiful New Orleans Jazz music filled the room, and soon the models began to walk.

A soft satin lingerie set complete with a retro 50's hairstyle really brought us into the mood of the collection.

Each coordinate was perfected from tip to toe with glamorously twisted hairstyles and delicately painted faces courtesy of traffic hair design. 

"We sometimes wonder what is true luxury and wealth in our lives. For us, it is to go to a summer retreat and enjoy sports. Our brand has been supported by adults, since we are particular about materials and cutting. I also hope that our brand will be cherished by young people" - THEATRE PRODUCTS, from fashion-headline

The cut of these dresses are similar, but the difference between pattern is what makes each piece individual

The final piece from the collection, and my personal favourite, this delicate dress is shown initially with a jacket, before removal, to allow the dress to take centre-stage.

The dress is constructed of a very fine sequin-like material, which is white on the exterior and golden on the inside, as revealed by the folded neckline. Due to the extremely unique fabric, it caused the dress to fall in a very gentle manner. 

The asymmetrical earrings compliment the eccentric hand jewellery, which consists of an oversized bracelet and ring.

“Our accessories are very popular at stores. The accessories complete the look”, says designer Takeuchi Akira

Trend Report

  • Lace, Satin, Chiffon and other fine fabrics
  • Neutral warm colour palette, with gentle browns, pinks, yellows, and whites
  • Gold jewellery and accents, such as buttons, fastenings, etc
  • Soft feminine designs combined with oversized, bright jewellery
  • Intricate twisted hairstyles inspired by the 50s
  • Printed stockings
  • Sport, vintage, and relaxation aesthetic

I thoroughly enjoyed watching THEATRE PRODUCTS collection and I look forward to following their fashion again. The collection heavily inspired me, and I'm going to look out for pieces inspired by CABiN for my SS2014 wardrobe.

Thank you so much for reading my post ♡ Please check back in a few days to follow my Tokyo Fashion trip even further!