J-Melo, London and Japan Expo, Paris

At the beginning of July, I went on a business trip for 4 days! I visited two countries in that time and met many new people!


I woke up bright and early and went over to my local airport! I had an early lunch of a panini and read some more of the book I'm currently reading! It's Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov. It's written in a wonderful way, I'm enjoying it immensely so far.

I landed in London and checked into my hotel, where I was met by the staff from J-Melo and could change into another outfit! I had an hour or two's break and then we travelled into central London to shoot some opening scenes for the show. The host for the London episode of J-Melo was American singer Kylee! 


We shot many scenes at the J-Melo Fan Meeting! Kylee performed two songs, and I danced to Tsukema Tsukeru by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Even though I was dressed up as 'Anne' many people recognised me as Beckii which I was so happy about!

My friends Area 11 were also featured on this episode of J-Melo! The crew came to Bristol to separately film the band practicing and they also had an interview. 


After a short night's sleep in London I woke up at 5AM to catch a flight to Paris with Kylee and the J-Melo crew. I was extremely anxious about my trip to Paris and wasn't in the most confident of moods, but I made it there safe and sound ready to leap directly into a very busy day's work with NHK at Japan Expo!

While at Japan Expo I met with some old friends and some new friends! I was particularly excited to meet with Sarah, my old Cruel Angels member. It was the first time we had met since 2010's recording of Tsubasa wo Kudasai and Tsuki no Kakera in Japan, and it was extremely nostalgic and heartwarming to see her again. My trip to Japan with her was one I remember fondly and I hope we can see each other again under less hectic circumstances.

I had some free time to explore the convention on my final afternoon. It was extremely huge- Japan Expo is one of the largest conventions in the world, so it was overwhelming to be there. I got quite lost exploring around, but I did manage to find the Animal Crossing section! I took some shots with the characters I could meet (・ω<)

My flight home was extremely stressful. I woke up at 4AM, left the aparthotel and headed to Charles De Gaulle Airport. My return flight was connecting through Manchester, so it was impossible to check it in on the desk. I asked a kind assistant to manually check me in, which was great! I then queued up in the enormous bag drop line, which was making me worried since this was stage one, let alone security! I showed many staff members the flight time on my ticket until one eventually realised I needed to be through quicker than the queue and let me jump ahead.

Nothing could have prepared me for the gigantic queue for security. It was diabolical, and this time showing the time on my ticket didn't do me any favours! It was closing in on 7:00AM, and my flight was departing at 7:15. Something happened and some people started being let through if they were on the Manchester flight, so I made sure I was also let through! By this time is was 7:15 and so I ran through the airport as fast as I could. Breathless and a few minutes after the FINAL FINAL call was made for my flight, I arrived at the gate! I boarded and felt the most relieved in my life!

Everything was smooth as anything on my way home. While flying home a french woman told me her daughter thought I looked like a princess! My outfit is on the left, not pictured is my flower crown and heels (・ω<) 

I landed home, and my mum took me out to McDonalds! That same evening we went to watch Hairspray: The Musical at the local theatre, which was wonderful! It was the first time I'd seen it, not even the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!