Etude House | Lock 'N Summer Precious Mineral Collection

I've been sent another beautiful box by my favourite brand, Etude House!


The theme of this month's box is Lock 'N Summer. 


I received the first issue of K-Beauty Princess Manual! This is absolutely amazing, I think you'll really enjoy it. It's a Korean beauty magazine, but completely in English!


This month's info-sheet and folder ♥


I'll discuss the Lock 'N Summer series first! The packaging is so beautiful ☆ It reminds me a little of the British flag!


The first product I received is the Lock 'N Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion.


As you can see, the product is part of the Any Cushion series, and is the same size and method as my Magic Mint Cushion! (That means I can put it in my macaron case that I got last time, too!)

The way that the Any Cushion series works is by pressing a makeup puff against the sponge, which is infused with the product. It's an interesting method which I've never seen before! It's not really possible to pick up this product with anything other than the makeup puff provided.


This time, it comes with a royal blue puff!


Before and after blending. It comes in a variety of shades. Mine is in Beige, it's a great fit! You can see when blended, it has a nice dewy finish to it, and a lot of coverage.


The next product is the Cushion Lock'n Liner. This is such an interesting concept. The box is really useful, I've kept my outer packaging as it fits the brush and the product in nicely, so they won't get lost from each other in my makeup bag!

It uses the same cushion sponge technology, but this time with a liner! I think this is an interesting step from Gel liner, which tends to dry out after a while. This cushion will ensure the product is always moist.

Mine is in the colour Brown, and as you can see you can create a variety of strokes. The brush tends to create very thin lines, so you do have to build up the thickness! It recommends to wipe off the brush after using it, and it's true, because the product dries hard and fast once picked up. The staying power of this liner is again, incredible!

This next product is the Cushion Blusher!

It's a simple pot with a puff, a separator, and the product cushion.

It's a gorgeous coral cream blush. You have to blend it out once applied, as it dries very well and it's very pigmented too!


I also received these products from the main line at Etude House, to perfect my Lock 'N Summer look!


The first is the Baby Sweet Sugar Powder. This is a loose powder product for setting your makeup. I usually use a pressed powder from MAC, so it's exciting to try a loose powder!


Artistic shot of the puff ♥ The product gives a velveteen finish to your skin. With loose powder, it's easy to pick up too much product, so remember that you can always build it up, and it's better to have less than more!


The final product is this: The Face Conditioning Fixer!

Firstly, this smells INCREDIBLE. It's an absolutely enchanting scent. I would recommend you buy it just to perfume your face after you apply tour makeup. But not only does it smell good, but it works really well! It adds some hydration back into your skin, and it fixes it down to last even longer. One or two spray-pumps is all you need.


I have edited these photos as little as possible so you can see the real effect of the product! You can see above no makeup to just the application of the Proof Any Cushion. This is crazy good coverage, it's absolutely as good as my foundation, if not better! It's evenly covered my skin, including my problem areas (chin), and topped it with a dewy, flawless finish.

Applied the liner. Was very easy to create super thin wings. Needed to go over the strokes a few times to darken them.

With the powder. I personally prefer the dewy finish, but for matte lovers, the powder does just that!

Finished the look off with my Etude House Brow Pencil, Miss Manga Mascara, Etude House Coral Blusher from this post, and used the Etude House 101 pencil on my lips to create a semi-gradient finish.

The next day, I did a slightly different look! Still used the Proof Any Cushion as my base, used some concealer as well this time, used my MAC pressed powder, and the Etude House tear liner for the inner corner. The lip colour is Poem from BLL by NYX.

Second attempt at a gradient lip! It's super fashionable to do this in Asia. I used the Proof Any Cushion as the lip concealer, it worked much better than regular foundation would.