Diary: Trip to the USA | Part 3

So, after Idol Matsuri had finished, we had one more free day before leaving the state. We took this opportunity to visit Seattle, as we had not seen it at all on the trip so far!

On our dessert-date with Ally and Sally, we learned that they also were going to head into Seattle in the morning, so we shared a lift with them, and arrived at the Kitsap Ferry Port, bright and early!


Because Washington is a pretty aquatic state, it's actually much more convenient for the residents to travel by sea! 

The Ferry from Bremerton (near Silverdale) to Seattle is free on the outbound trip, which is also really cool! You can board with a car or just as a foot passenger. The crossing is about 1 hour long, and it was a very pleasant method to travel by!

Seattle has such a beautiful skyline! I don't think we would have seen it if we hadn't taken the ferry! It was really nice to get excited while seeing the Needle creep closer and closer. 

Ally and Sally knew we had no plans for our day-trip, so they recommended us to see Uwajimaya at some point, but that when we get off the ferry we should take a left and keep walking until we get to Pike Place Market, so we had a small starting point!

We parted ways, and set off on our adventure!

IMG_2391 1.JPG

I saw this T-Shirt being advertised on the side of a building, it will take all your might to believe that this is not an ironically terrible design. Like sweet bro and hella jeff guest collaborated to create it.


We saw Pike Place Market briefly, but there wasn't really much there for us, so we headed more downtown. I had plans to meet with my friend Kristina in the afternoon, so we just decided to find our feet and stay central until then. We saw protesters chanting Peace For Iraq in the streets!



I visited Sephora! I had been to Sephora before in Murcia, Spain, however it wasn't as good as this one in Seattle. You can see what I got in my Seattle/Idol Matsuri Haul on my channel, but it was super fun shopping there, I wish there was one where I lived!

IMG_2395 1.JPG

We had a quick rest-stop at McDonalds. I had a milkshake, and I announced my meet-up! I decided that it would be a good idea to have a meet-up in Seattle. I had never done one before, so I was really excited to see everybody! 

We did some more exploring. We tried to find some Japanese Gardens that TripAdvisor said was nearby, however it lied and tried to take us inside a shopping mall, and it turned out that the gardens were 5km away, too far to walk and return in time to meet Kristina!

IMG_2403 1.JPG

I noticed the extremely high density of Starbucks in Seattle, and it's no surprise, because it's the hometown of the chain! We visited the first ever Starbucks, which had a queue going out of the door. It's the only one with this kind of design and the original logos. We didn't go in, because we had no time for the queue, and we could get the same coffee at the next Starbucks, 2 minutes away. 

It was time for lunch with Kristina and Eia, her friend! She took us to Johnny Rockets, a traditional American diner chain. They had a jukebox at the table, and really cool American decor! We had a good chat, we had only began talking a month or two ago, so it was really lucky that we could meet in Seattle so soon after! Eia and Kristina had been to the UK before, so we were able to talk about the cultural differences. 


I had the chicken nuggets with fries. The server made a face for my ketchup! ♥ The food was really delicious, and the presentation was so lovely, with the Johnny Rockets paper giving an authentic diner feel.

IMG_2408 1.JPG

After we had finished eating, we decided to drive out to Uwajimaya in their car. Uwajimaya is an Asian food and gift market, filled with all sorts of Japanese treats! I picked up a load of snacks, and some little trinkets, too. There was also a bookstore, but I couldn't find anything I really wanted! It was really nice to shop around there, and if you like Japanese things, it's definitely worth a look! 

We then headed back to Downtown to do our meetup. Only a few people came, as we had to change the time last-minute, but the people who did were absolutely lovely! One even asked Sparkles* to sign his guitar! It was a super lovely way to spend our last day in Washington.


We decided it was time to head back to Silverdale and pack. We had to run to catch our ferry and buy tickets! Luckily we made it, with a few minutes to spare!


The ride back was really relaxing after a full day on our feet. We weren't really sure how we were going to make it back to our hotel, so I texted the convention organiser, Bethany, to see if she was around and could pick us up! It was above and beyond, but she was really sweet and came to give us a lift back to the hotel! Before going back, we had ColdStone Ice Cream, which is a really cool shop where they mix and match your ice-cream flavour on an ice cold table. It was super delicious.

We stayed up packing pretty late, and got about 4 hours sleep before the next part of our journey began: to Los Angeles!


I have created a daily vlog from this day's footage too, so please check it out!