Diary: Trip to the USA | Part 2

Good Morning! It was the 20th June, and the first day of Idol Matsuri!

The working day started and ended for me with the Opening Ceremony. 

The acts performing at Idol Matsuri were as follows:

Beri! New Day, SHEawase, Ally and Sally, Beckii Cruel, RYUTist, Aither, Halko Momoi

  • Beri! New Day are a local Washington trio of American girls! 
  • SHEawase are a three-piece set of performers from Oklahoma and Texas, though only two members could attend this event. 
  • Ally and Sally are two twin Canadian girls who have a love for Idols, Eroge, and Performance!
  • Beckii Cruel is ya girl, it me
  • RYUTist are an Idol act from Japan! They were flown in for this event. They are a 4-piece unit.
  • Aither are another Japanese Idol act flown in! They have 5 members, and their style is more "kakkoi" than RYUTist, who are more "kawaii".
  • Halko Momoi is a famous Seiyuu, who has performed at conventions such as this across the world! 

The Opening Ceremony (from what I can gather, I was in the service alleyway until I was called out) comprised of the co-founder, Bethany, introducing the event, and one-by-one, calling out the acts to introduce themselves on stage! We then lined up on the side of the room, and some more words were said, and then, Idol Matsuri was officially open!

I didn't have any more official work to do this day, so I decided that after looking around the event a few times, I would get changed and explore Silverdale once more!

We made a plan to watch The Fault In Our Stars, which was showing at 3:30PM at a cinema about a 10-minute walk from the hotel! So, in the meantime, we went out for breakfast with SHEawase!

Tara and Melissa were really sweet girls, and I am so glad I got to hang out with them as much as I did. This time to eat, we went to Taco Time, which apparently is a restaurant only found in the Northern states! So it was a new experience for SHEawase, too. Again, I had a cool Taco, which was lettuce + mince. It was really delicious! I also got confused by 'chips' for the first time- in the States, Chips means Crisps. And British Chips are Fries. 

After breakfast, Sparkles* and I made our way over to the cinema to buy some tickets. We still had plenty of time to kill, so we went to a Froyo place! 

I'm certain mine was more delicious!! And these were the small cups, too, they're a large in the UK!

Next, we made our way over to the Toys R Us, because I had never been before! We had a really fun shopping trip, though we were totally too old for a lot of it, our inner children really went wild! 

I've cut together a little vlog of our clips from the Froyo, to us exploring Toys R Us, and watching TFIOS. Please watch it here in the embed, and then continue to read the rest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9zVlMVhnGc

After returning from the movie, and the shopping trip, I got ready for the evening's event: Dinner with an Idol! As Idol Matsuri was an event partially crowd-funded, one of the perks was to have dinner with an Idol! At 8PM, we made our way to the Azteca restaurant, to have (even more) Mexican food!

The dinner was banquet-style, and I was sitting next to one of the attendees, and SHEawase. I tried lots of new Mexican foods, such as Chimichangas, Sopapillas, and even more that I can't remember! One of the attendees ordered a mocktail drink called a Mango Berry Burst, and she started a trend, because almost every one of the performers ordered one too! It was a really nice evening getting to know the attendees and it was a very relaxing experience.

Next day! By the way, my jetlag still was ever present, and I was waking up at 5AM every morning. I think it was good though, it's nice to have an early start when you're on a trip abroad!

This morning's work was the Western Guest Panel. This was attended by myself, Beri!, SHEawase, and Ally and Sally. 

Our panel was really great! We emceed it ourselves, and a good number of people attended. We were asked a multitude of questions, and it was a really relaxed atmosphere. It lasted for about 1 hour! 

After the panel, it was nearly time for Ally and Sally's performance, followed by SHEawase's! I was so excited to see them perform live, and all of their outfits were really beautiful! 

We took some selfies after the panel ♥

With SHEawase

With SHEawase

With Beri!

With Beri!

With AllySally

With AllySally

Ally and Sally were the first performers. Their set was filled with singing, dancing, and plenty of wota MIX and calls! This was the first concert I had watched at Idol Matsuri, and I was already very impressed by the enthusiasm of the audience. They really knew how to call for idols, and it was just like being at a C-ute or AKB48 gig in Japan.

IMG_2262 1.JPG

Ally and Sally were such professional performers. Ally was losing her voice, unfortunately, but I thought they still did a phenomenal job! 

Next up were SHEawase. 

Again, they were amazing performers! They crowd did an awesome job cheering for them too, even after being on their feet for a full hour beforehand for Ally and Sally. 


In the evening, Sparkles* and I went out to get some dinner. We decided we wanted to go to a steakhouse, so we scouted out the Fujiyama Habachi Japanese Steakhouse!

IMG_2273 1.JPG

The food was delicious! I had salmon, and Sparkles* had the steak. The habachi chef was really talented and funny, it was a really nice night out! 

IMG_2292 1.JPG

The final day of the convention rolled around! This day was my performance day. The morning held some press interviews for me, which was really fun! And straight after was the signing event. I set up my merch table and met lots of attendees! 

I also managed to take a photo with RYUTist, they're so cute! 

somebody commented 'attack on titan'! ( ´_ゝ`)

somebody commented 'attack on titan'! ( ´_ゝ`)

I also took a 2-shot with Halko Momoi ♥ She was so cute! It looks like she was wearing the Star's Rainbow Seifuku, I should have brought my purple one so we could twin!

I was given a really sweet scrapbook from the event attendees! There were postcards and letters in it, it was so heartwarming! 

In the afternoon, all the guests and attendees headed outside to create a special video, a tribute to BiS! We all learned and danced a section of Nerve by BiS, as they are disbanding soon and we wanted to show our support one last time. 

Can you see me? I'm in the centre behind RYUTist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX7CKs8LDtc

IMG_2318 1.JPG
With all the guests and attendees!

With all the guests and attendees!

Groupshot of all the guests minus Aither!

Groupshot of all the guests minus Aither!

And then, it was time for me to perform! I was on after Beri! New Day, and my performance was the finale of the event! 

It was so fun! They had opened up the room by now so there was plenty of space for people to do wotagei if they chose! My performance ran about 40 minutes, and I thought it went perfectly. Thank you everybody who came to see me!

After my performance, the event had its closing ceremony. Our lanyards were raffled off, and we presented them to the winners personally! It was kinda emotional, this convention had such a personal and friendly atmosphere, and when Bethany spoke some words, we all felt just so grateful that we were there to share this event with her.

That evening, Sparkles* and I had Papa John's Pizza for dinner, and later on in the evening, we met with Ally and Sally for dessert. I was so happy that we could meet up and talk before they left; the event had been really hectic and we hadn't found an opportunity to talk more than 'hello' in the corridors until then!

We spoke about a lot of things, how much we enjoyed the event, and how nice it was to finally meet! I had a S'mores Pie, from Shari's! All in all, it was the perfect ending to the first ever Idol Matsuri.