Convention Report: Doki Doki 2013

On the 9th November 2013, Doki Doki held its second ever convention! The first was held in 2011 in the same venue, the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester. Manchester is really easy to get to from the Isle of Man, and at an average of £30 each way from IOM/MCR, it beats even many people in England who have to get a train!

I set up my merchandise table, and relaxed for most of the morning until my performance ❤

I was really happy that a few people gave me some drawings they had done! Their art was so good, I was really flattered! (〃∇〃)

As you can see, the girl on the left actually drew me in the outfit I had prepared for that day! So thoughtful :)

My outfit was actually made by my mum! She's made a few of my outfits before, and it recieved many compliments!


After no time at all, I headed over to 'The Zoo' for my performance. This was the on-site music venue. As you can see from the photo above, the lighting was so pretty, with little stars in the background! There was an awful lot of gear on the stage however, which was a little restrictive. I also heard people were being turned away from entering without ID which I have a major problem with, and had I know that was going to be the issue I would have requested to perform somewhere that wouldn't happen, given that many of my fans aren't 18 yet.

After my performance, I actually had three other duties- partake in the Travel to Japan Panel with 3 greatly experienced ladies, and be a judge for both the cosplay contest and the harajuku fashion pageant. Doki Doki is a one-day convention, so I was a little rushed off my feet, but luckily I had my friends able to watch my merch stall for me so I was more or less free to come and go as needed.

My best friend from home, Charlotte, has gone to university this year, so she came to Manchester for Doki Doki! It was the first time we had seen each other since summer, so it was really lovely to meet again. We went out for dinner afterwards!

I also met with Cherry and Kelsey, and I met Sachie for the first time! Sachie usually lives in Canada, but this year she's studying in Leeds, so she came to Doki Doki! Kelsey had entered the Harajuku fashion pageant, and her style was amazing that day ❤

I had a really fun time at Doki Doki! Lots of my net-friends came down and hung out for most of the day, so it was amazing to see everybody again. Sparkles* helped me with my stall and travel and we went to Bristol afterwards for a few days as I had a meeting in London a week later! 

top level selfie with 50mm lens

It was so nice to see Sparkles* Radio Family again! S* set up a Soundrop room and we all hang out there often. They're a really lovely group of people I'm happy to know.


One of the members and a friend of mine, Kay, has Hypermobility Syndrome, and I wanted to help her raise awareness.

Her and her mother both have Ehlers Danlos Type 3 Hypermobility (EDSH), which causes joints to become very loose and unstable. It means these ladies are both in constant pain, and use wheelchairs to alleviate some of the stress put on their bodies just from everyday motion. 

One of the biggest problems is that not only is Hypermobility awareness is low in the public, but even many doctors and psychiatrists have been unhelpful and ignorant towards the very real condition. Kay was born with EDSH, and only in the last three years has she found a competent G.P. She has been through five before now trying to find someone who doesn't tell her 'It doesn't exist', 'it's all in your head' or even 'you're just copying your mother as you've grown up seeing her being disabled'. 

The frustrating thing is that time and early diagnosis is essential in the treatment of Hypermobility, and with physiotherapy early in life, the next generation of Hypermobility patients will be able to live a fairly normal life.

Kay and Vikki are part of the Hypermobility Syndrome Association (HMSA) and they are trying to spread awareness to as many people as they can. 

You can visit to visit the association's website and find out more information.

You can also search with which is a free search engine, however every search you make raises money for the charity you choose, and HMSA is available to support through this method.

And of course you can ask Kay and Vikki themselves on Twitter!