Cleated Soles & Holograms ★ SoleAffair Shoe Review

If you know me, you know that I buy into certain fads above and beyond. Gold eyeshadow, peter pan collars, mesh transparent clothing, and of course→ the holographic! 

My blog had become a little shoe-centric the past few posts, but with good cause, because summertime is spent outside, and we have to have something fantastic to walk on when we're making the most of the sunshine!

I was scouting around for some Cleated Sole shoes, and I came across Sole Affair. Cleated soles are so fashionable at the minute, often being materialised in jelly shoes, but I wanted some solid-coloured pairs with some variation to them.

I came across only a few places selling them, and Sole Affair was the one which was best for the price, and they're also located in the UK.


These were my first pick! They're these cute buckled sandals, available in four colourways. I was torn between holographic pink or holographic silver, but I went with the pink, and I actually was so pleased that I made that choice!

They're available in sizes UK 3 - 8. I got mine in size 4. I always worry about buying shoes online, as I'm never sure they'll fit or be comfortable! This style is an easy bet, because they're adjustable with the straps, and they're open toe, so it's not easy for them to be too tight or uncomfortable. 


You can really see the beautiful hologram effect in direct sunlight!

They were really comfortable. I like to wear my sandals with frilly socks, but they were comfortable without socks too. They're a moderate weight, not too heavy. As you can see with the lower strap, there's a fixed-length strap there too, meaning that you can't really adjust that part to be smaller. However, the ankle strap is totally adjustable, and you can poke an extra hole through if you need to! The smallest hole was enough for me. 



Daisy Crown | Claire's

Necklace | DiDepux

Top | SheInside

Skirt | ASOS

Socks | Primark

Shoes | SoleAffair

These shoes are fantastic quality for the price. There were no flaws or defects, they were really solid! The white sole is really lovely too, I think white soles are so angelic!


These boots are so beautiful! They're little ankle boots with a cleated sole. They're available in White, Black, and Black with suede finish. Again, I went for the white option, I can't get over white soles at the minute! They look very comfortable, even though they're high due to the platform. Chunky heels are the best answer to wearing heels for a long time, and these look like a great solution to comfortable heels! 

They're available in sizes 3-8 again, and my size fours were again, the perfect fit. 


They're a gorgeous white fake leather. The boots have no zipper, instead they have a little elasticated panel, which can help you get in easily. 



Dress | 109

Shoes | SoleAffair


These were the last shoes I chose, and I was a little apprehensive! I'm not great with slip-on shoes, they never seem to stay on me! But I took the chance with these, because if I can't wear them day-to-day, I can always wear them for photos and OOTDs. 

But I was nicely surprised, because these are very comfortable, and they stay on a charm! They're slip on, but they're the right tightness, and they've got little elastic triangles on the front, if you can see, so they're easy to slip on and adjust to your own size. 

They're available in Holographic silver, White, and Black. They come in sizes UK 3-8. 


These shoes are the heaviest of the lot. The soles are very thick solid rubber. They're comfortable, and they're not too high, despite the platform. The hologram is very beautiful, and it has a slightly clouded image compared to the stark pink hologram of the sandals.



Moon Top | FrontRowShop

Skirt | TopShop

Socks | Primark

Shoes | SoleAffair

As you can see, all of these shoes are under £25 each! I think that's the best price I've seen for this style of shoe. I would really recommend Sole Affair, these shoes are gorgeous quality and super comfortable.

I'm very very impressed! 

Check out their website here: