Bristol Weekend

Continuing from my last post..  

I woke up bright and annoyingly early at 6AM on Saturday. Myself, Sparkles*, ParvLeo and Adam went to the studio to record a live acoustic version of Shi no Barado! We booked the session for 10AM, and arrived fashionably late at around 11AM. Here is a sneaky Vine of us while we were setting up, featuring Parv, Sparkles* and Adam. (Vine is a cool social network where you film 6 second clips and share them!)

Our sound engineer Phil brought out an accordion in the hopes we would use it in the acoustic version of Shi no Barado. (You will find out if we did soon enough!). Sparkles* had never played one before in his life, but he managed to make some form of music from it, and we were all very impressed. 


Behind the Scenes!

Behind the Scenes!

sparkles* and his accordion

After finishing the studio session, we headed back to Yogtowers and recorded some more videos! I'm really excited for you to see them all, we had a lot of fun recording silly things together. They'll be released on the week of the single release, so please look forward to that!

preview of one of our videos!

thank you all. i could never have made it here without you. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

We were pretty much done working for the day after that, so Sparkles* and I went out to get frozen yoghurt! Before I visited, I had googled to see if there was anywhere which sold froyo in Bristol because there's nowhere that does in the Isle of Man, and lucky for me, there was! Angelberry is a self-serve frozen yoghurt shop and it was super delicious ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ After that, we went back to the offices and chilled out watching some anime, since all our work was over ☆

Mirror Sphere! (Me and Sparkles*). It is actually a planetarium but it was shut.

chocolate forever ☆

I am obsessed with making origami rabbits and I can make them super fast it's really impressive

In the evening, we went for a meal with everybody at an Asian Fusion restaurant! I had Chicken Katsu Curry and it was really delicious. I went with my parents, Sparkles*, Parv, Leo, Adam and Martyn, and we had a really lovely time! 

L: S*, Adam, Martyn,

R: Beckii, Parv, Leo

To celebrate getting all of our work done, we went out to Karaoke! In Bristol there's a karaoke place called Lollipop, which has all sorts of songs on it, including J-Pop and K-Pop! It was really good fun, and everyone had an awesome time♥ I also snapped some more Vines at the time!

Leo and Sparkles*

S*, B, P

Parv and Beckii

I don't wanna miss a thing! 

I don't wanna miss a thing! 



We all headed home for 1AM, and sadly British Summer Time begun that night, so I only got 6 hours of sleep! We woke up fairly early on Friday, and had a McDonald's breakfast. It was then time to collect the recording stems from Saturday's studio session, and then I had to head back up to Blackpool to begin my journey home (・へ・) I was very sad to leave! I had such a lovely time, and I really hope I can experience Bristol again really soon!

Panorama Vine of the snowy service station ☆

Panorama Vine of the snowy service station ☆

When I arrived back up North, we went for a meal with some relatives. It was nice, but I was very exhausted and not very chatty! I found WIFI at the restaurant so I took advantage and did some tweeting too!

After returning to my nana's house, I got into bed and watched some old episodes of Community before sleeping off an amazing weekend! We woke up at a reasonable 9AM, and got into the car, headed to the ferry and sailed back home! 

sleepy cruel

awake cruel ft. kitty jumper

I want to thank everybody who made my stay in Bristol so wonderful! We got a lot of work done, and I'm super excited for the single release of Shi no Barado. I hope you all love it, it'll be released soon along with a ton of video content and of course the live acoustic version of the song. Now I'm back home, super exhausted but extremely happy and excited for the future! (╹◡╹)☆彡