Beauty Shoot on the Isle of Man

Hi everybody! Hope you're well! 

I've got a lot of posts to catch up on, and so apologies if there's more sponsored posts than usual on my blog. I'll try and put the balance of personal and business back in order soon! Things have been more than a little busy with me lately. 

I had the opportunity to collaborate with some local creative talents recently! Isle of Man Makeup Artist Charlotte Easton reached out to myself, Sarah Jewell Photography, and Anna Lucia Hair Studio to collaborate on a shoot for our portfolios! Charlotte is a wonderful MUA, whom I had worked with in the past (She did the makeup for my bcky couture debut collection photoshoot!). Anna Lucia had done my hair for my recent shoot with Phil Kneen, and while I hadn't worked with Sarah before, I had seen many of her photographs online and was extremely excited to finally work together! 

We hoped to create some autumnal vibes. We spent around 6 hours shooting in total, with complete creative freedom. It was a lot of fun! Only one real mishap occurred: I had brought the wrong wig with me! It looked like the right one in the packet, and when I got it out I couldn't believe I could have brought the wrong one! Luckily Anna managed to cut it and style it a little bit, and it turned out looking very quirky and high-fashion- result!

First Look: Peachy coral tones. The most natural style we shot. 

The Second Look: Exaggerated winged shadow. We pinned up the wig a little and darkened the lip.

Third Look: I brought along my glasses! They're still broken but we managed to get them to stay together for the photos. One of my absolute favourite shots. 

Fourth Look: Very vampy vibes. Same winged shadow but now with a deep lip, no wig, and we pinned up my natural hair to bob length. I adore how they came out!


I hope you liked this shoot! It was a lot of fun for me, and I hope I can do some similar stuff in the future! A huge thank you to the wonderful team we had working together: Please do go and check out their channels and follow their work! There is a lot of talent on the Isle of Man!

Charlotte Easton MUA and Artistic Director →

Sarah Jewell Photography and Retouch →

Anna Lucia Hair Studio