6th Form Prom

Today I want to write about my Sixth Form Prom! In case your school doesn't have this, proms originated in America, and they're a semi-formal dance and dinner for senior students! 

If you're a student at my old school, you'll experience a prom twice. The first is at the end of Year 11 (age 16). In the UK, compulsory education ends here, and many school students will leave school altogether and begin working or take up an apprenticeship. 

The second is the Sixth Form Prom. This is held at the end of Year 13 (age 18), and the first level of higher education ends here. If you choose to stay in education for two more years, you can go to college, or a sixth form. It's the first step in specialising in subjects, and at the end of this you will be able to go to University if you like! 

Here's what I wore! It's a dress from the brand Lipsy's VIP collection. The shoes are from Next, and the bag and jewellery are from a local store. The jacket is my mother's (・ω<)!

I did my hair, makeup and nails by myself. I recorded a tutorial for my hair and nails, and one day i'll finish the series and record how I did my makeup too! It's quite simple though, a smokey eye, two pairs of lashes on the top and one pair on the bottom.

Here are some shots of my evening with friends! It was the last big event we were all together for, and I'm sure I'll not see some of these people again for many years, which is quite sad to think about!



Iona and Charlotte



My photography class

My close friends ♡ 

From my time in Sixth form, I was often known for being notorious about the communal kitchen and sink area! Many people left their disgusting crusty noodle bowls there, and I didn't want to be in the same space as that any more, so I often gave it a deep clean. At prom some awards were given out, and so myself and two of my cleaning comrades, Callum and Iona all were awarded the 'patron saint of the sixth form lounge' award!

I had a really fun time at my prom, and it was a lovely way to send everybody off to University in high spirits. I made a daily vlog about it, and I hope to start daily vlogging again soon! My daily vlogs are all about my life at Sixth form so far, and you can see me and my friends having a good time together ♡