6 Day Diary

12th February


Travelled up to London in the evening. Stayed at the Luxury Inn, Tottenham Road. I paid £60 for one night, free breakfast, wifi and Netflix. They have a kitchen so you can even cook for yourself. If you need to stay down this end of London, I would really recommend them. 

13th February


Made my way to the studio for 9AM. It was a half-hour walk from the hotel I had stayed at. I thought it would be a better idea to stay in London the night before so I would be able to get enough sleep for the shoot. If i hadn't, I could get a train for £100 each way, and get up at 6AM, or get a coach but get up at 4:30AM and be absolutely useless all day.


I'm going to write an entire blogpost about this shoot when I get the photos, so I won't say too much. But it was all arranged by my lovely stylist, Alice Whiting! 

IMG_0199 1.JPG

some preview shots. two/six looks from the day.


I took the 8PM coach back to Bristol. I was absolutely exhausted, but super happy with the results of the shoot. I can't wait to share my day with you in its entirety.

14th February

IMG_0198 1.JPG

Valentine's Day. I curled my hair. Went out for dinner at the Mariott Hotel (forgot to book a reservation, pure luck that somebody cancelled). There was rain and sleet in the morning.

16th February

IMG_0201 1.JPG

Went out for Froyo for the first time of this year. AngelBerry is Bristol's local Froyo shop. I had chocolate, mango, lemon, and strawberry yoghurt, with marshmallows, chocolate drops, mango pobbles, and more as a topping. So delicious!

IMG_0209 1.JPG
IMG_0210 1.JPG

We went out for a walk as it was the first properly sunny day of the year. The atmosphere was lovely, people were cycling, playing football on the green, you would have thought it was the middle of June :) I can't wait until it really is!


I cooked Chicken Katsu Curry. It's really easy! You need Panko Breadcrumbs, Rice, Salad and ingredients to make Katsu sauce. It doesn't take long, and it's really delicious. One of the best meals I've made in a while.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 15.06.04.png

17th February

IMG_0226 1.JPG

In the evening I went out with Sparkles* and Kogie to The Fleece to see a gig by of Montreal. The support act, pictured above, were called Calvin Love, and I absolutely loved his sound. You can listen to him here: http://calvinlove.bandcamp.com/

IMG_0227 1.JPG

of Montreal were very good. I hadn't heard their music before coming to the gig, but I was assured I would like them. They're part of the Elephant 6 Collective, which is a group of notable indie bands formed in the 90's. It includes Neutral Milk Hotel, who I'm going to see gig in May!

They had a wonderful stage presence, and their styling was fantastic. I really recommend them if you haven't heard them before. http://www.ofmontreal.net/

17th February

IMG_0235 1.JPG
IMG_0233 1.JPG

Another lovely sunny day, I had to go into town. 

IMG_0239 1.JPG

I bought this fragrance set for £24 (RRP £36, saving of £12). It's Estee Lauder's Senusous. I really felt I needed to get a perfume some time soon, and the last time I was in Debenhams, they had sprayed my bag with an Estee perfume. I went through all the samples until I found the exact one.

IMG_0251 2.JPG

You can see on Fragrantica that it has diverse reactions from reviewers, so this scent may not be for everyone.

The main accords are: woody, honey, balsamic, powdery & amber.

I think these are very vague- it's a sweet, light, fragrant powder smell to me. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 15.47.37.png

"Sensuous is created in cooperation with the nose Annie Buzantian of Firmenich, which composed it of sensual lily notes, magnolia and jasmine petals in the top. The heart brings aromas of molten wood and amber, while the base introduces sandalwood, black pepper, juicy mandarin pulp and honey."

IMG_0243 1.JPG
IMG_0244 1.JPG

I also bought my first ever MAC product. It's the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I've never owned any MAC, as they don't sell it in stores on the Island, however I've had it used on me plenty of times in photo shoots. Many beauty addicts rave its quality, range, and prices. A few weeks ago, I had this powder used on me and I was amazed at how good the coverage was, especially for a powder.

IMG_0245 1.JPG
IMG_0248 1.JPG

The compact reveals a mirror, and a hidden sponge applicator. The coverage is absolutely wonderful, and rewards a flawless-looking complexion with each use. 

IMG_0250 2.JPG

I asked about pigments, as I saw a photo on the wall of a model with amazing golden eyes! She said that it was the Old Gold pigment. They usually run at £17, so I held off for this time, but now I know what it is, and how it looks, it's on my to-buy list!


I also repurchased my toner, Lush's Breath Of Fresh Air. £3.99 well spent!

IMG_0254 2.JPG
IMG_0257 2.JPG

I cooked a steak for the first time on my own too! I bought two fillets from Marks and Spencer for £12. I cooked it in the frying pan for about 5 minutes on each side in Steak Herbs, butter, and oil.

I also made mashed potato, however it could have been cooked for longer. And I made too much. And the vegetables were a little 'Al Dente'. But it all tasted fine and I'm sure I will get it perfectly right next time!