🌙 FrontRowShop Outfits 🌙

I just did a haul video for a new store called FrontRowShop! I absolutely loved and raved about them! Check out the video to see the clothes and stylings in motion! ↓



Silver Top: FrontRowShop

Necklace: Weeabootique

Holographic Skirt: Sexy Queen

Clutch Bag: Katei Roze

Grey Socks: Puma

Silver Jellies: Primark

Coral Skirt: bcky couture (Upcoming Collection)

Lilac Heart Heels: DreamV


Cat Purse: FrontRowShop

Suede Night Litas


Visor: FrontRowShop

Star Clip: TaoBao

Yellow Bomber: Vintage (RokitShop)

Cat Tee: Miss Selfridge

Cotton Candy Necklace: DiDepux

Denim Shorts: TopShop

Satin Heels: New Look

You can click on all of the thumbnails to see a full size ver! ★

I tried a hairstyle with my hair pushed back, and an insert at the top to create a bouffante. I wore pink, purple, and gold on my eyes, and drew in some freckles!