✿ Eyeglasses: A Style Statement ✿

I was recently offered to choose some eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com. I had actually had a video idea featuring glasses for a while, so I was really excited to finally create it at last!


As you can see, this video is actually more creative than what I usually make. I was really inspired! I wanted to give an immersive effect to the viewer. It doesn't have a huge plot. 'Welcome to this cute dreamy website, please watch this showcase of girls with glasses, and leave filled with joy and style inspiration' is the general storyline.

Flower Crown: PRIMARK

Wig: SpreePicky

Shirt: SheInside

The Meeks are these cute rectangular frames! Right off the bat, I want to commend GlassesShop's wonderful quality. These glasses do not feel cheap. They are available with prescription glass, and they have a very solid feeling to them. I was really impressed! I know that rectangular glasses suit me already, so they weren't a risky pick at all. They have an RRP of $99, and are selling for $20. 

MEEKS: http://www.glassesshop.com/eyeglasses/fp0384

Plus I have a discount code for an additional 20% off: Y2BBeckii

blonde bouquet.png

Flower Crown: PRIMARK

Wig: Prisila 

Blouse: SheInside

Necklace: DiDepux

Sequence 01.Still014.jpg
Sequence 01.Still026.jpg

The Novias are so beautiful! As you can see, the arch of the upper frame is pointed upwards and out, giving a cat-eye effect! The frames are patterned with tortoiseshell, and the arms are a gorgeous translucent pink. These are so beautiful, I absolutely love the pink accent, and they definitely reflect style within eyewear. These also have an RRP of $100, and a current sale price of $20!

NOVIA: http://www.glassesshop.com/eyeglasses/fp0623


no 7.png

Lace Front Wig: UniWigs

Blouse: SheInside

Necklace: DiDepux

Sequence 01.Still023.jpg

I was particularly drawn to this pair, and I think they are one of my favourites. Vicky has a very thick upper rim, patterned with tortoiseshell, and has a very thin lower rim, giving the effect of only half a frame! This style can work really well on big-lens glasses, and it may be great for people who don't tend to suit full-framed big-lens glasses. They have an RRP of $100, and are selling for $20. 

VICKY: http://www.glassesshop.com/eyeglasses/FP0732


Wig: LockShop

Blouse: SheInside

Necklace:  Unknown

Sequence 01.Still037.jpg

These glasses are a brave choice for an every-day wearer: buying red frames is a commitment! Every day has to be a "red" day when you wear them. It's uncommon to see red frames, but they are so cute and effective, that I really hope to see more people wear them! I love how they look when paired with a daring red lip, and black hair. They create a gorgeous contrast. The glasses themselves are rectangular, with a small gold accent, and black arms.

COTTON: http://www.glassesshop.com/eyeglasses/FP0719


Wig: Alice Forest

Blouse: SheInside

Rosette: Shibuya 109

Sequence 01.Still045.jpg
Sequence 01.Still047.jpg

These frames are super simple! I think these will be hereon out referred to as my Harry Potter Glasses, though they aren't perfect circles. (But the name is Evans- Lily Evans, right??! has to be!). I feel so Vivienne Westwood in this pairing: Red Lips, Red Hair! And the combination of pastel pink with the reds is a risky one, but I think that it works really nicely, and adds more definition to the red-spectrum. The black frames tie everything together with a solid shape in the centre of the coordinate. 

EVANS: http://www.glassesshop.com/eyeglasses/FP0727


And I have a gift for you! 

I received two pairs of the Evans glasses! That means, one is for you! Please follow the instructions below to enter the contest ♥

Contest ends on the 27th May 2014 at midnight. Winner must provide me with their address. Worldwide entries accepted.