Market Research Survey and Response To Survey

It has begun! At the start of the year I began designing some shirts to eventually create and sell! I've been interested in fashion and design for a long time, and I decided that 2013 would be a great time to start.

Last night I compiled a market research survey and an overwhelming 300 of you responded with thoughtful critique and answers. 

To address your points raised, I sent out the first letter to my new mailing list! Here is the first email for everyone to read. To have this delivered to your inbox every time I release an update, please consider signing up at

"Hello! Thank you so much for filling out the survey. I had an overwhelming 300 responses in a very small amount of time so thanks so much!
I left a comments field at the bottom and I wanted to address some points raised.

Meep Shipping Cost !                                

Very fair point! Shipping will be either free (included in the price because free shipping doesn't exist only nice shops do (・・; ) or as low as possible. All shipping will be 1st Class Royal Mail, cause that's the only postage possible from where I live.

PLUS SIZES                                
Absolutely! A lot of people made this point in the suggestions box, and I will do my best to fulfill it.

Please have international shopping possibilities! xx                                
Also a definite! I'll again endeavor to keep the shipping as low as possible.

Hey Becky! This sounds interesting, can't wait to see how it goes! Hair accessories?                                
Super valid point! I'll try my best to create innovative and wearable hair accessories, and redesign some old classics too. I'll price these in correlation with the other accessories, and keep it as low as possible.

There are so many good tshirts out there, for example, with a cute picture of a cat on it but then they ruin it by putting "cutie" or something underneath it and it looks stupid. Cute image + no stupid text = yay!                                
I agree, and I'll make sure to get lots of feedback on designs I create before releasing them!


My figure doesn't generally allow buying shirts/pants online, but if you offer extra small sizes (and clear measurements with the shirts) it might be possible!
I have this problem too, I can't buy any pants online without having to adjust them drastically, so I'll make sure to factor in very clear measurements and hopefully stock items that perfectly fit everyone!

Quality Print and Material (I hate Tshirt print that peel off and fades after couple of washes)
I agree. I'll make sure quality items are available to purchase and test them as best as I can!

And that concludes my response to the survey so far!

Hopefully I can send out some design previews soon and then prototypes and then produciton thnaj djjnklfemhbj hjsdka

im so excite!!!